Group Events & Fundraising | Tulsa Stained Glass

The Tulsa Stained Glass Company has been serving Tulsa County since 1975. Not only is it the premier stained glass company, but it is also the source for Group Events & Fundraising. Additionally, the Art Play Center allows for face painting, stained glass or ceramic classes, and our own brand of art: Doodle Bohm Ba.

Group Events

You tell us the budget and we design a program that fits. Tailor our stained glass, ceramic or canvas painting classes to fit your event vision. Everyone takes home a project. Your location or our Art Event Center. Contact us for availability. Did I mention our Doodle Bohm Ba Program?


Short-term or Long-term Fundraising

Fund-raise with our art contest, where the public enters their artwork based on a theme. The top winner’s art is replicated into a stained glass window. Take this piece and sell it to additionally benefit your organization.

Direct Fundraising

Large group ceramic, stained glass and mixed media class fundraisers. How do you benefit? Your organization would benefit through donation of a percentage of sales.

Make One-Take One – participants make a project for themselves and another as a gift for your organization. Neither of these models require a cash outlay of the hosting organization.

Magic Ring Game

Consider selling our Magic Ring Board Game. The game improves communication skills, memory, and self-expression; your organization receives a percentage of sales.