Thank you for the outstanding instruction during the Beginners’ Stained Glass Class. The fun atmosphere and building of relationships add to the learning experience. – Chuck

My husband and I really enjoyed the class we took… a great place to come and get creative together. I plan to tell our family and friends that they should come and give the class a try as well. – Luci + Tyler

I LOVED the class. I was a kid again! No mistakes, only beautiful artwork. I do not have to be Leonardo DaVinci to make something pleasing to the most important person – ME! – Cheryl


We’re a full-service stained glass studio + store serving the Tulsa, Oklahoma area since 1975.
We offer:

  • Design + Installation of residential, commercial, and religious stained glass projects
  • Restoration + Repair of stained glass antiques, installations, heirlooms, and more
  • Workshops/Classes ranging from 2-hour classes to an in-depth 3-day Beginner Stained Glass program
    Glass, Tools, + Supplies at our retail store
  • A Rage Room where you can break fragile items in a safe, controlled environment!
  • Ready-Made Glass Pieces both old and new in our showroom

Under the guidance of co-founder Richard Bohm, Tulsa Stained Glass strives to deliver fresh artistic adventures and passion while honoring the centuries-old craft of traditional stained glass. We’re the originator of Tulsa’s stained glass suncatcher ring classes and created glass mosaic kits to help people stay creative during COVID-19 lockdown!

CONTACT US 918-664-8604 – 4131 S Sheridan Rd, Tulsa, OK 74145 


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