Nurture Your Creative Spirit with the EMOSY, an experience, an art project and thinking process. The EMOSY is a fun, engaging art activity that encourages mindfulness & creative thinking.

The process uses visual storytelling inspired by the stained glass art medium. It can be a painting, a mosaic or a stained glass project.

The idea or story for a custom stained glass window starts with the EMOSY training.

Enjoy the EMOSY experience at home with one of our many kits or during our classes or private events by making a stained glass work of art inspired by beauty and/or symbolism and meaning.

Created by Richard Bohm, founder of Tulsa Stained Glass, the EMOSY program is a natural extension of his Oklahoma state-approved program providing art education for therapists, social workers and Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), focusing on using the arts to enhance the mental wellness of their clients.


At its core, an EMOSY is a fun activity making a self-expressive work of art using colors and shapes connected by lines, inspired by the art in stained glass. The process promotes thinking and connection with others, leading to a powerful visual communication tool.

An EMOSY can be one idea made of many pieces or a central idea with many components. Inspirations can include:

  • thinking about the past, present and future
  • people, events or ideas
  • representation of emotions

If thoughts are abstract, the maker can narrow focus to determine a subject.…let’s say for example a flower is the best representation of a family. The number of flowers represent the number of brothers or sisters, the petals represent the number of children of each sibling and so on. Soon a family picture emerges symbolic of a bouquet of flowers.


The EMOSY follows in the shadow of traditional stained glass window storytelling as found in centuries old castles and magnificent cathedrals of Europe.

The EMOSY can take on any art form but the focus here is stained glass themed, such as painting materials, stained glass mosaics or a leaded glass project. EMOSY projects are more about creating an artistic composition of meaning rather than a functional stained glass window. However, to create a representation of the stained glass, it is very helpful understand the materials and processes of the craft first.


This is a fun EMOSY stained glass project making activity with an emphasis on arts and crafts as a tool for discovering new channels of self-expression and creativity. Topics include stained glass mosaics, photo collage, and design, You’ll learn self-care through spontaneous art, fortify your mental health toolkit with new techniques, and practice crafting skills that you can use at home!


EMOSY is based on Learning, Growing and Having Fun, as well as improving communication with others. It has an almost unlimited number of applications in both the public and private sectors, including education, business, wellness and family life.

  • Problem-solving: Visualization of an idea is a very important idea generating process used in problem solving and brainstorming
  • Self-expression: Express your feelings, channel a sense of purpose + intent, increase self-esteem
  • Stress relief: Enjoy a respite from stress, build positive memories + connections
  • Develop creativity: Boost your creative energies, enrich your life
  • Self-care: Increase emotional + mental wellness, explore new ways to communicate and express yourself
  • Organizations: Brainstorming and visualizing concepts, presenting and communicating ideas, simplifying task and project management
  • Education: natural follow-through from concept maps, doodles and mind-mapping



Classes in Tulsa: Enroll in a three-hour make & take stained glass class to make your own EMOSY. Regularly scheduled workshops are available on most Saturday afternoons, as well as weekday evening Date Night, Ladies Night Out, and Singles Night events. Students have the choice of making a traditional leaded project or a mosaic. All classes include the rage room experience. Click here to enroll.

Private Events: The EMOSY classes are also bookable as Private Events, Great for business or organizational outings as well as birthdays, weddings, memorials and other celebrations. Click here for more information.

Mosaic Kits: Make an EMOSY in the comfort of your own home with our convenient kits.  They include everything you need, including all materials and pre-cut glass pieces.  Click here to purchase.