Fused Glass Ideas | Art Event Center


Looking for something creative and fun? There are so many fused glass ideas out there! Different then canvas paining or ceramic painting. Fused Glass! Boy do we have a fun one at TSG. Addition to our art programs, one-day events, canvas and ceramic painting, we have fused art this season. There are so many fused glass ideas out there, but here are a few.

Yard Bugs!

Make a fun ladybug or grasshopper and place it on a dowel rod sticking out of your garden. Bumblebees, crickets and other assorted bugs and insects can be fun too.

Flowers & Trees

Make your fused glass in the shape of a flower or a tree. Maybe even a Christmas tree or an ornament to hang from the tree. The great thing about these small pieces of art is they can be worn as jewelry. Don’t forget about leaves, rainbows, palm trees, mushrooms, and other fun earth type things.

Birds and Other Animals

Owls are easy to make, so are fish, chickens, cats, dogs, frog heads, and so much more. If you can think of it, it is likely there is a piece of glass that can be shaped into it. You can even create your own animals.

Exotic ideas

Push the limits, we dare you. From sugar, skulls to pieces of art that only make sense to the artist. We encourage your creativity within the framework of fused art. Remember we are always available to lead, instruct, and put the fun in the process for you. Can’t think of an idea? Remember we have resources and you can check out Pinterest or just simply Google Fused Glass Ideas to find something you might enjoy creating.

Looking for something to do in Tulsa? Stop by Tulsa Stained Glass and fuse glass. Don’t forget, we also have ceramics, stained glass classes, and canvas painting. Visit us at TSG.