Saint Francis Children's Hospital, Tulsa, OK window by Tulsa Stained Glass


Since 1975

For centuries, stained glass has brought a special quality to houses of worship.  Stained glass windows can tell a story, memorialize a loved one, and cause spirits to soar. They can be traditional or modern, simple or complex. Let us design and create the perfect complement to your building, from one small accent to a full set of windows.

In our Tulsa studio, projects are custom built with quality craftsmanship using construction processes from medieval Europe and glass made in factories operating since the 1800’s. We make authentic stained glass windows to withstand the test of time.

Visit the studio for great ideas on windows, doorways, dividers, and more using stained glass or etched glass.

Tulsa Catholic Charities Porta Caeli House Project – A Blend of Old and New

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