Magic Ring Board Games

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The Magic Ring Series are groups of images where participants have an opportunity to tell a story or relate an idea that can be surprisingly funny or touching or both. But more importantly, it can show you the depth of feelings and connections between the participants. Real emotions and ideas will flow when you play with the Magic Ring. From business partners to families to those dealing with brain disorders or trauma, everyone can benefit from the open communication the Magic Ring fosters.

The series is available as a board game or as a Walk-n-talk art installation.

The Magic Ring Board Game are five boards, each having a set of 12 images. The boards are; expression, words of encouragement, color and shapes, animals and variety. There are three levels of play. Each game comes ready to play with marker, die, topic & vote cards and rules. Two game sizes are; silver which are 18 inch vinyl boards and the classic which are 10 inch paper boards.

The Walk-n-Talk art installation utilizes Magic Ring images in an array, juxtaposed throughout a room or outside area. The art installation can be adjusted for a picnic, business ice breaker or black tie event.

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