Fused Glass Ornaments | Tulsa Stained Glass

Fused glass ornaments are extremely easy to make. Come into our Art Event Center, Monday through Saturday and enjoy the creativity that goes along with creating fused glass ornaments. There are plenty of great pieces that can be bought for cheap on Etsy. However, maybe you want the fun of creating it yourself. That is where we come in! Fused glass is not only beautiful, but actually doing it can really be the best day of the week. Manipulating pieces of glass into shapes can really feed the creative juices.

What can you make?

The sky is the limit. You can make anything you want within reason of course. Just call and ask us if a certain project is possible. Here are some fun ideas. Spotty Christmas trees, snowman, orange Christmas tree with dichroic accents, colorful Christmas trees, birds, Christmas earrings, hanging snowflakes, stars, Santa, owl, ladybugs to name a few Christmas ideas. Nevertheless, the most popular it seems is the Christmas tree, the stocking, and the gingerbread man. Don’t forget to grab a coloring book or a sketchbook and use it as a visual guide. This can be done for any holiday, event, or occasion. Pins, Pens, ornaments you name it; fused glass is that versatile.

Don’t limit yourself on just shapes and colors; consider constructing ideas with letters or a word. But if you want real functionality with statements and saying, you may consider our ceramics or our canvas painting and or our stained glass classes.

Here are some resources.

Where can I find ideas for Fused Glass Ornaments? Here are a couple great resources: Etsy, Pinterest, Google, Oriental Trading Company, Jaf Gifts, The Veterans Site,  Artful Home. Resources: Fused Glass, Fused Glass Sunflower, Fused Glass Org, Tulsa Stained Glass.

Looking for fused glass Ornaments? Visit us at TSG or call (918) 664-8504