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Kit: ages 5+

Art for the Soul 

Our “Celebration” craft kits and workshops are designed to promote wellness through arts and crafts. Each kit and class is an opportunity to honor the people and memories we cherish while discovering new channels for self-expression, creativity, and mental health balance. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, relax with peaceful activity that’s both entertaining and satisfying!


Gift to yourself or give to someone who could use a little “me time.” Hours of fun with stained glass mosaics and other creative projects, they make a great group activity too: create memories and share an experience, even if you’re hundreds of miles apart. Excellent for friends and family with no glass-cutting required.


Guided arts + craft classes where you try new media like stained glass mosaics and photo collage, and learn how each can nurture your creative spirit. Taught by Richard Bohm, founder of Tulsa Stained Glass and 47-year industry veteran, these classes are a natural extension of his state-approved art education program for therapists and social workers that focuses on using the arts to enhance the mental wellness of their clients.

We are thrilled to spread this knowledge and message to the public!

 It’s a journey for your soul!

Research shows that creativity through art can help relieve stress, increase self-esteem through self-expression, and promote connections with others. Take this opportunity to focus on your own emotional and mental wellness while creating something meaningful. 

Psst! Did you know each kit is assembled by hand at our studio in Tulsa, Oklahoma? The glass pieces are hand-cut too! When you support this kit, you help keep our small business alive. Thank you! 🥰

Craft Kits

The Celebration Keepsake Kit with Hours of Projects Included:

1 x stained glass mosaic

multiple design + color choices

1 x photo charm

honor a special person or memory

1 x hanging collage

fill with personal pics + memories

1 x keepsake bottle

store a message, wish, or memento


A rewarding journey focusing on your mental wellness. 

During our workshops we guide you through new artistic avenues of self-expression and creativity. Exploring topics such as stained glass mosaics, photo collage, and design, you’ll learn self-care through spontaneous art, fortify your mental health toolkit with new techniques, and practice crafting skills that you can use at home!

Make multiple hands-on projects in a relaxed, inclusive atmosphere. This is a judgment-free zone where you can focus on moving forward!

Who would benefit from these workshops?

* Anyone who seeks a creative outlet and ways to stimulate their creativity. *
* Anyone who wants to help themselves or others through art. *
* Anyone who wants to explore new ways to communicate and express themselves. *
* Anyone who could use a little time to focus on self-care and well-being. *
* The open, the adventurous, the timid, and the reserved – anyone who wants to step outside themselves momentarily for a journey of creative discovery. *

stained glass mosaics

photo collage

art design


To us, this means honoring important memories and special people, lifting up ourselves and others, and allowing ourselves a break when life goes sideways. We hope our Celebration kits and workshops help you:

  • Express your feelings
  • Channel a sense of purpose + intent
  • Enjoy a respite from stress
  • Boost your creative energies
  • Honor someone important
  • Build positive memories + connections
  • Bond with others through crafts
  • Increase emotional + mental wellness
  • Enrich your life