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Stained Glass Workshops and Entertaining Painting

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Entertaining Painting
Group Stained Glass projects

At Tulsa Stained Glass we offer a variety of self-expressive and spontaneous art workshops for all of your needs. We host public events, private parties and team outings at our Art Event Center. Plus, with our Mobile Art Studio we can cater our workshops and classes to your place of business, venue of choice or home. These activities are not lessons. They are experiences of fun and color. The different activities we provide are:

Individual Project Events:

Stained Glass Projects – Our traditional stained glass workshops are always a big hit for parties. We offer a variety of workshops, including Garden Spirit Sculptures and several different Ring Spirits (see current options here). These workshops run 2-3 hours and take students through the history of stained glass making. We provide the tools and materials and walk participants through the age-old mid-European process (still being used today) of stained glass making as they design and piece together their very own stained glass art sculpture! Make and take home your own unique sculpture in just a few hours!

Individual Painting – Our intuitive and helpful staff take you through an easy step-by-step instructional painting exercise on a 16″x 20″ canvas. Bring your imagination as you “mashup” your own one-of-a-kind personalized painting to hang and enjoy for years to come. Art Mashup is an activity using canvas board, paints/markers and stencils. We will lead you in creating works of art in the style of world renowned artists and art movements. We SUPPLY the stations and tools. You APPLY the paint and do it any way you choose! Just have fun and enjoy the creative journey. The art you make will be defined by bold strokes and vibrant colors and we encourage you to make a mess and a few memories!


Collaborative Projects :

Collaborative Stained Glass – Let us work with you to create a custom project for your group that involves each member in building a unique stained glass showpiece to take back to your office.

Collaborative Painting – Designed for groups of 8 or more people, this workshop engages participants in a team exercise where the end result is a large piece of art. Individuals paint a small portion (16″ x 20″) of a large image on canvas. When all the canvases are put together the real image comes alive! The final size of the large image varies by the number of groups collaborating. What better way to show your employees, friends, or family how much they mean to you. It’s a great way to say, “We’re better together and we couldn’t do it without you!”