Things to know before you come to class

learn, grow and have fun

Greetings from Tulsa Stained Glass

We are excited that you have registered for or are interested in a Tulsa Stained Glass 3-hour event. This is a fun stained glass event with a performance flair to entertain guests. We supply everything needed to make your project and no prior experience is needed. Our goal is to provide you with a unique stained glass experience and take home a project in three hours or less. The following is presented so you may get the greatest class value. If you registered others to come to class, please forward this link to them since we do not have their email address.

Class starts promptly at the time indicated. Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early to check in. Attending class requires a waiver signature approval. This is a full 3 hour class that sometimes runs over the scheduled time.

You are free to make any design you like in our class. Let your imagination run free! Make it more fun thinking of a symbol or an image that is meaningful to you as an inspiration. We will help you transform it using our EMOSY process.  

Expose the faux and learn the secrets of stained glass window construction. Sit back and relax as our Presenter takes you from medieval stained glass window making to EMOSY creating in a entertaining conversation.

Coloring Book…we are creating a 50th anniversary coloring book featuring student projects. We would love to include your project!

Door Prizes! Keep an eye out during class and you might win one of our door prizes. Inspired by our historic museum quality stained glass windows on display, comes “pocket mirrors” to reflect the best.

Photo services – dress up or down but get ready to have a professional portrait taken with your project, friends and family. We only ask that you post, share and tag us. Pictures may be shared for our social media promotions. Don’t be afraid to ask your presenter and creator of the EMOSY to take a picture with you…he loves the press.

Re-live the 70s or see what you missed with our special glass selection room, featuring fog and disco lights! Flash back to the good ole days but get ready for an new adventure in selecting glass for your project.

Each class includes free access to our delightfully fun Rage Room. We’ll provide the protective gear but please wear closed toe shoes and a bring healthy attitude to smash some stuff.

Once this class is completed, you will “graduate” and receive a Certificate of Achievement. After graduation, you are eligible to take any of our intermediate classes, such as Spinners or 3D projects. Just make sure we have your email before you leave.

We present this poetic prose, reflecting the class you’re about to take and the project to make…enjoy! Click here for some poetic inspiration.

LOCATION: Tulsa Stained Glass, 4131 S. Sheridan Rd., Tulsa. South of 41st St. and East of Sheridan.

The Fine Print

• Closed toe shoes required. Glass or hot solder + feet = ouch! Long pants preferred for smashing activities.

• Participants sign a Personal Injury Waiver and an Intellectual Property Waiver to attend event. Please read Waiver before your event. There will be a copy for you to sign in person at the event. Adults must sign on behalf of minor participants.

• Rescheduling, cancellations, and additional class terms & conditions:

• Questions or comments, please email us:

At the end of class, you are invited to visit our showroom for custom stained glass windows, repairs, and gifts, including our mosaic kits.  Studio hours are Mon-Sat, 10am to 6pm.