At Tulsa Stained Glass and the Art Play Center, we are always looking for ways to help people succeed while stimulating creativity and personal growth.  There are a number of ways we can partner with your organization in a long-term outreach program and/or a direct fundraising effort.

Outreach For Long-Term Growth

A long term fundraising project can be based on our art contest model, where the general public—solicited by your organization—enters their artwork based on a theme. This would be a division of our existing Art Smart Challenge competition. The art is judged, and then the top winner’s art is replicated into a stained glass window, which you sell to benefit your organization. There are many public service press opportunities available during the process steps along the way.

Direct FundRaising

We offer ceramic, stained glass and mixed media craft making projects, all of which can be used for event fundraising. Together, we would set specific dates ranging over a month or quarterly period for your client base to participate. We would set up a class specifically for your organization, or your participants could join our scheduled classes. Your organization would benefit through donation of a percentage of sales. Make One-Take One is another fundraising model, in which participants would make a project for themselves and another as a gift for your organization. Neither of these models would require a cash outlay for your organization.

Magic Ring Game

A third fundraising option is through sales of our Magic Ring board game. The game improves communication skills, memory recollection, and self-expression of life events and feelings. Your organization would promote and sell the board game and receive a percentage of sales. Sales would be online and direct, and would engage your contact influences. Until a sales history is established, orders would be taken for delivery on a future date. This would avoid any cash outlay for pre-purchasing the product.

Jack at DVIS 2015 Mutt Strut Event

Jack (our official ambassador) represents Tulsa Stained Glass at the Domestic Violence Intervention Services 2015 “Mutt Strut” event. The event raised essential supplies for the DVIS emergency kennel, which allows clients to keep their pets.  Jack helped the cause by donating a TSG Gift Certificate as a door prize.