Things To Do In Tulsa | Doodle Bohm Ba

Tulsa Stained Glass brings more to Tulsa then just their state of the art stained glass designs. When looking for things to do in Tulsa, don’t forget about the Art Event Center. Here you’ll find classes that range from 3 hours to courses that are as long as 8 weeks.

Doodle Bohm Ba – Things to do in Tulsa!

Doodle Bohm Ba is a fun thing to do if you’re planning to stay for an extended period of time in Tulsa. Here we will run you through spontaneous art, Channel your creativity, help you understand art principles, and show you the magic that has kept us making stained glass since 1975.

Whether or not you’re creative doesn’t matter. We take you from whatever skill level you are at and unlock y
our artistic potential. We start you in finger-painting! I know it seems like kindergarten and it is, very similar. The goal here is to have fun and not think. Once we’ve pulled that creative genius out of you, then we will attach some theory to it.

Once we’re channeling that inner creator let’s work on some of those principles and elements that go into making great art. Texture, color, space, size, shape, hue, value, space are all things we will talk bout in the discovery of your artist side.

Once we’ve got some skills. Let’s learn the art of making stained glass designs.

When looking for things to do in Tulsa come to the Art Event Center and enjoy Doodle Bohm Ba. For more details, call (918) 664-8604