The Magic of Making Stained Glass | Art Event Center

Did you know stained glass is more than just what you see in windows? Sun catchers, jewelry, ornaments, figurines, boxes, and many other things are made from stained glass. In 40 years of making stained glass I have been privileged to continually grow my creativity through stained glass creation. This is The Magic of Making Stained Glass.

You are Creative!

Whether you realize it or not, you have creativity. Discovering this creativity can be difficult for some. However, it is latent inside all of us. Sometimes using a tactile art such as stained glass creation can pull that creativity out of our minds. The Magic of making stained glass is mixing old s
tyle with new style, using lines to separate colors, areas, shapes, and designs. Thinking through new lenses, adding a new layer of complexity to the art, can push the mind to think in a new pattern. This process can help unlock your creative juices.

Our programs are tailored to develop and channel your inner creativity. From finger-painting to pottery our Art Event Center is enveloped in the magic of art. Art has reason, rhyme, and abstraction. There is no right or wrong form of art. It is that outward expression of some internal mood, thought, or experience. Let our stained glass classes help you create breathtaking art forms. Art that becomes lasting art in the form of stained glass, an ornament, or some other creation.

Our programs include 1-day art classes, Doodle Bohm Ba, Pottery, and much more. Don’t forget our Tulsa show room is the premier place to find a creative item or piece from the past.

When looking for things to do in Tulsa come to the Art Event Center and enjoy Doodle Bohm Ba. and come find out about The Magic of Making Stained Glass. For more details, call (918) 664-8604