Stained Glass Windows

We believe in windows with personality. Panels or stained glass window panels are a fantastic way to add that personality. Think about mosaics, and stained glass art like paintings. They add lots of beauty to your home or business. When planning to purchase a stained glass window you must consider: shape, theme, and orientation. Tulsa Stained Glass Windows>>

 Stained Glass Window - Religious

Stained Glass Panel Shape

Stained glass art depends on shape, theme, and orientation. Shape defines where the piece can be placed, hung, or installed. For example, if you have a group of circular mirrors you may want to add a round stained glass window in the middle to blend with the rest of the objects. Or you can use a rectangular panel which blends in well with most wall art, photos, or paintings.

 Stained Glass Theme

Once you identify where the piece will be placed, consider the theme. The theme is the heart of any stained glass window so it’s important to find something that you both like and will fit in with your home design. Themes can range from floral to animal to geometric. You can even find novelty themes that have your favorite brands or gorgeous landscapes depicted in the glass mosaic of your window. Tulsa Stained Glass Windows>>

Porta Coeli - Stained GlassStained Glass Orientation

So you have the shape identified and the theme chosen. Consider the orientation. Here is the rule of thumb, for rectangular or oval stained glass window panels you want to make sure the orientation is the way you want it. For example some stained glass windows will have art that faces a particular way so you should make sure the orientation fits the way you need it to for your own home designs. When choosing a stained glass panel for a window take into consideration shape, theme, and orientation. Once you’ve looked at enough designs, you’ll get a better understanding of what you need for your home. Let us help you pick the right stained glass window>>