Stained Glass Mosaic

Activity Kits

Special Events Edition for the Individual, Families & Organizations

Exciting and Satisfying!

This all-in-one crafting kit is unlike any other, delivered directly to you! Specifically designed for groups and special events, not only will participants from young to mature be able to create their own personal stained glass mosaic project with no experience needed, every kit includes art design lessons, fun challenges and games that work at on-site OR virtual events.

Our kits’ simplicity also means they travel well to homes or venues, and are perfect for a peaceful but engaging treat.

Our creative and playful activity ideas aim to create fond shared experiences, build relationships, empower and enrich, and encourage other important intangible benefits. Invaluable for groups, but also a fantastic solo fun. One kit, lots of ways to use it! Put these tools of creativity in your groups’ hands and watch them make something amazing.


Your people will love the experience, and you’ll love the results!

Why Choose Our Kits?

There is nothing like this kit on the market. Standard craft kits only come with materials and instructions. Our kits are a FULL experience! We teach you how to make a beautiful glass mosaic AND also include online design lessons and exercises and group activity ideas to take your fun to the next level.

Providing excellence in stained glass since 1975, Tulsa Stained Glass’ founder, Richard Bohm, has been honing his artisan skills and entertaining thousands through kits, workshops, videos, special events, and more!

Customized Group Kits & Events

We understand that your group may have a specific theme, goal, or style in mind. Whether it’s a milestone celebration, corporate event, youth event, or fundraiser, we can customize various aspects of our kits such as the pattern, colors, accessibility, materials, and inserts to make your experience extra special.

About the Kit

We have selected four of our most popular patterns to include in this special edition. Each kit contains materials to complete one mosaic project and an additional canvas for art exercises. The second canvas board is for use in the DoodleBohmBa lessons & challenges section of the program, which also uses the loose pieces of glass in the kit. Materials such as markers, tape and common art essentials are excluded from the kit.

All glass is authentic stained glass, hand-made at the glass factory. The pieces in the kit come from large stained glass sheets that are hand-picked and painstakingly hand-cut, with no two pieces alike. The colors will vary, with some opaque white tones, due to the manufacturing process.

Each kit includes one of the following colors: Red/Orange mixture, Yellow/Beige mixture, Green mixture, Blue mixture, or Purple mixture.

Orders may be placed online if a particular stained glass color grouping is desired. Click here.

Bulk order discounts are placed by emailing orders to the studio. There are no color choices…orders are shipped with an assortment of one or more colors, and light or dark glass for the background.

An assortment of special shaped round jewels and other glass embellishments are included.

This is a no-glass-cutting activity and no experience is necessary. Kits contain small parts that may be sharp and a danger to younger children. Kits are for decorative indoor use.

More About These Kits:

  • Provide a path for participants to be creators instead of just consumers.
  • Get makers & participants excited, learning, and personally engaged.
  • Are a tool for participants to build solutions, confidence, and collaborate.
  • Aid individuals to acquire a deeper understanding of art through lessons, fun challenges, and the unique kit components.
  • Encourage learning via hands-on making and judgment-free, low-pressure stakes.
  • Focus on the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and Do-It-With-Others (DIWO) mindsets that spur innovation and problem-solving.

Note: Each kit includes all the materials to create one finished stained glass mosaic project plus a canvas board for a 2nd creative project. Activity ideas may incorporate everyday, easy-to-purchase materials such as paint, colored paper, etc. that are not included in the kit.

Recommended for ages 8+. Glass pieces may be sharp. Kids should be supervised closely. Always use a brush to whisk away unwanted glass – never use your hand.

How to Purchase

Single Kit Purchase With Color Selection Options


Bulk Orders With Quantity Discounts

Prices as low as $29.95 each.

Order direct from studio to receive bulk discounts.

Sorry, no color choices available with bulk purchases.

There is a $100 minimum order. All orders are pre-paid.

Email studio with your contact information, order quantity and requested delivery date. We will contact you with shipping dates and charges.


Ideal For:

Professional Meetings, Outings, & Retreats

We supply the fun and materials for a relaxing, memorable event while keeping your goals and organization at the forefront. From company outings to employee appreciation events to wellness retreats, we do it all. Depending on the size of your group, we would love to host your event at our Tulsa studio, or for larger groups, we can come to you!

Parties - Holiday, Birthday, etc.

Choose us when it’s time to celebrate! We guarantee your attendees whether friends, family, or employees have never experienced anything quite like this. Have a theme? We’ll work with you to make your kits and event special.


Our kits are best used in a group setting but are satisfyingly entertaining as a solo activity too. Send these kits to your employees working from home or to family members who are social distancing. These kits are perfect for enjoying together while apart.

Families & Reunions

Our kits bring people together. Bring generations together with an activity that’s wholesome, fun, and leisurely enough for chatting, laughing, and encouraging each other’s creativity.

Teleconferencing/Virtual Parties

Physical location is becoming less of a limitation for events/gatherings, and we’re here for it! Bring your geographically diverse members or employees together for an exciting shared event they can attend from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Youth and Special Needs

These group kits are amazing for the younger crowd offering a new avenue for them to express themselves, channel their energies, and support each other’s ideas!

For those with special motor needs and for younger children whose fine motor skills are not yet developed, we can customize our kits to incorporate bigger craft materials such as larger glass pieces, feathers, and more that are easier to pick up, grasp, and place.

Engagements & Anniversaries

Celebrate love with a unique twist! These kits are a fantastic opportunity for loved ones to create projects with meaning and make memories that will last. Gift the finished projects to the happy couple as one whole piece (like a wall of memories) or as individual personal gifts.

Bachelorette/Bachelor Celebrations

When you want a fun activity that everyone can share and no one will mind telling their spouses about the next day, this is it! Make personal gifts for the bridge or groom or themed projects celebrating love and your group’s special memories. Grab some beer or wine and kick back together!

Church and Tour Groups

Searching for a wholesome activity/event that people from different generations and backgrounds can all enjoy? Nothing brings people together like creating. Whether your focus is faith or a entertaining tour stop, we’ll make sure your event meets your expectations!


Kits are a novel and fun fundraising reward and a unique way to bring money and awareness to your cause. We can create a kit that’s designed to reflect your organization too (e.g. paw print designs for animal welfare). Whether you sell the kits, raffle them, or incorporate them into your fundraising event, there are many options that’ll ensure your fundraiser stands out!

Rev Up Your Group’s Fun With These Activities

Play Before You Glue – The pieces in your kit are designed to be used with the following activities before they are used in your mosaic project.

GROUP SHARE – Combine all kit contents onto a large table and let attendees choose their colored stained glass pieces to make their project.

PEACE WITH PIECES – Like “Group Share” but with a focus on sharing amongst small groups instead of among all attendees.

SALES PITCH – Select a piece of glass from the kit and give a brief sales pitch to the other group members on why they should swap with you.

SHIPWRECKED – Select a glass piece from the kit and describe why it is the most favored.

TRADE DEALS – Trade glass pieces with other participants. Excellent chance for participants to mingle.

SCRAMBLE – This is a speed test emphasizing out-of-the-box thinking. Use the kit pieces to create your own stream of consciousness style design.

SPEED CREATE – Place all the kit pieces on the table and arrange them as quickly as possible to create a composition. This type of hand motion creating, where you create whatever comes to mind without pause, is a great way to discover subconscious ideas.

RAMBLE – This is all about spontaneous creating. Using the glass pieces within your kit, compose the first object that comes to mind.

ART SENSE – Use kit pieces to represent a particular design element or principle such as negative/positive space.

MEMORIES – Select a glass piece(s) that reminds you of a story related to the event/group and share the anecdote.

FINISH IT – Team members take turns adding glass to create an interesting collaborative composition.

THE LEFTOVERS – There will be leftover glass pieces in the kit as we provide extra for creative use. Share your leftovers with another person and combine them to build more projects.

POPULAR VOTE – Once the projects are complete, take pictures, and post them on social media for all to see or or vote on for a contest (e.g. “Most Creative” or “Highest Team Spirit”).

SHARE THE LOVE – All projects are given to host to make a collaborative art installation.

10 Reasons Why Your Group Needs This Kit

Your Custom Themes & Goals

Our kits are fun, hands-on projects that require no experience or instructor (in-person and virtual instructor-guided events also available). If you have a specific goal or theme in mind for your organization’s event whether it’s cooperation, morale-building, or just a novel experience, we’ll work with you on customizing kits to meet your goals and theme.

Participants will love creating and learning something new while your organization also benefits. If you have print media you’d like to include in your kits such as flyers, business cards, etc. we can incorporate those into your kits as well.


Special Occasions

Planning a special event? Our kits come ready made so that you can relax and focus on the fun of crafting. Participants typically spend 2-3 hours creating their finished mosaic project. Add a unique and memorable twist to occasions as such birthdays, anniversaries, club events, wedding festivities, retreats, holidays, and vacations.

Need an activity that is customized for your group or have a group with special needs? We’re happy to work with you to make your kits fit your event or group.

Examples: Color themes, custom design patterns, bigger craft materials to improve accessability & accomodate special motor needs

Encourage family, friends, and guests to share their creations on social media!

We offer special pricing options just for groups that make them an affordable addition to any occasion. We have a solution for you!

Use Gamification & Play

Incorporating the benefits of play and gamification strategy, our kits’ activities encourage cooperation in order to increase focus and achieve a collaborative goal. Whether it’s a group of kids or office employees or an extended family, we seek to bring out the best in each participant and make the results greater than the sum of the parts.

Create Meaning & Purpose

The most valuable objects and memorable experiences tend to be those that are meaningful and purposeful. By drawing upon themes, inspiration, and individual experience, participants can craft and share in an activity that is uniquely personal.

Instagram & Social Media-Friendly Projects

These provide a great opportunity for members and organizations to post something unique, visually interesting, and personal on their social media accounts and company intranets. They can be used in friendly competitions as well!

Tangible Rewards

The finished projects offer a visible, tangible reward for participants. Ideas for use once completed:

  • Display on desks/workstations
  • Combine the pieces to create one large piece for the workplace or event
  • Donate to a charitable organization/location such as a hospital, nursing home, etc.
  • Gifts for work-at-home employees that are positive reminders of the company culture

Team-Building & Bonding

Every activity idea strives to build relationships and open communication between participants. We create excellent opportunities for your group’s members to:

  • Acknowledge and encourage each other
  • Appreciate each member’s contributions and skills
  • Gain a memorable shared experience
  • Get to know each other in a less formal environment

Break Through Boundaries & Walls

While our kits show participants how to create a permanent finished project, they also have the option of being advantageously open-ended and ephemeral in nature. As there is no such thing as a “correct” way to make art, these kits potentially offer the relief of judgment-free art, creativity without restriction, and stress relief through “mess.”

Some of the suggested activities may be calming while others are stimulating, and they can be a great tool for channeling both positive and negative feelings into something productive.

Boost Creativity & Soft Skills

Arts and crafts are amazing ways to stealthily boost creativity and soft skills which are useful in any environment. Our kits and activities emphasize:

  • Spontaneous and organic thinking and brainstorming
  • Self-expression
  • Confidence development
  • Strengthening editing skills
  • Exploring creative potential and hidden talents

Embrace Community & Diversity

The feelings of belonging and acceptance are incredibly important for team-building and bonding. These kits help build that sense of community through a shared experience, empowerment and connection, and the idea that the participants are part of something bigger. This is especially true if the participants’ finished projects will be combined into a larger piece or created for a charitable cause.

Our activities also encourage participants to embrace each other’s viewpoints, diversity, and exchange ideas.

Our kits can be an enriching part of your creative journey! Ideal for people who want to incorporate play into their art.


Creating art not only keeps your hands busy but it also relaxes the mind and enlivens the soul. Creativity is an essential component of what makes us human and it is so important to develop this aspect of your life to ensure that you have an outlet for your imagination. Our authentic stained glass art projects are the best way to provide a creative outlet for both yourself and others. They can be a source of stress relief and self-care as well as an entertaining activity for groups as well! So, try incorporating more art and creativity into your life through our stained glass classes and take-home kits, and start transforming your life today.

On-Site & Virtual Events

For an extra special, extra entertaining group event, let us host your mosaic-making event at our Tulsa, OK studio or at your venue. Our professional staff brings fun and knowledge to the next level!

For those social distancing or working with a geographically diverse group, we also offer live virtual/Zoom workshops. Let your group members feel connected even when they’re far apart.

If your members are going to work on their projects at different times, we offer an enjoyable pre-recorded 30-minute video that they can watch at their convenience while they craft.

Charitable Organization Fundraising Program

We’re thrilled to work with you on a sale, event, or custom kit design to raise funds and awareness for your charitable organization. We recently raised money for the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals program by selling paw-themed mosaic kits through their website and on-site events.

Please e-mail us at for inquiries about pricing, sales, and program restrictions.

 Coming Soon – Gifts of Love, we will be giving 100 kits to a charitable organization.

CONTACT for pricing information and to place an order.

For other kit sales and for more info on our mosaic and beginner stained glass workshops/classes, visit