Placement Ideas for Stained Glass

Stained Glass has many usages because of its decorative and/or its functional, non-transparent attributes. Check out this list to see where stained glass can beautify your environment.

Front entry: this is the most popular place for most Americans to install art glass.
Bathroom doors and windows: this is another prime spot, because of the beautiful way art glass can combine translucency with an obscured view.
Kitchen cabinets: partially obscure or reveal the contents as you wish.
Gun cabinets: etched motifs are popular here.
Stereo cabinets: match the decor.
Interior doors: enhance the ambiance of the room while improving natural lighting.
Buffet and bar glass: to provide style.
Skylights: a beautiful focus and light filter.
Kitchen windows: reveal or enhance the view as needed.
Sidelights: use textured glass for security and beauty by the front door.
Transoms: a touch of old world elegance.
Illuminated ceilings: a beautiful and effective lighting solution.
Room dividers: use art to divide, but not to conquer the space.
Gifts, lamps, mirrors and more.