Setting up your workspace properly:

  • Allow enough workspace to comfortably spread out the pieces and work on your project.
  • We recommend a non-carpeted floor and a table top that you would use in a craft room.
  • Be comfortable: good lighting, music, refreshments, and friends to join you are important.

Kit Contents:
– Stained glass pieces

– The base: ceramic tile, art board, canvas, or framed glass

– Pattern/design template

– Carbon copy paper

– Glue + applicators

– Tweezers

– Grout + applicator (optional finish, not required)

CAUTION: The kit contains small, sharp objects that could be hazardous to kids so please exercise caution and supervise any young ones.


1. Kits are for indoor use. If they are going to be outside or exposed to moisture, we recommend applying an appropriate sealant (not included in the kit).

2. The directions below may be modified if your kit does not include a design pattern.

Stained Glass Mosaic Art Kit Directions

  • Remove the stained-glass pieces from the bag, separating the colors.
  • Image Position
    • Glass base: Position pattern under the glass and place glass pieces on top of the glass.
    • Other bases
      • Place the carbon copy paper shiny side-down on the base.
      • Place the pattern on top of the carbon paper. Tape (not included in kit) can be beneficial to holding pattern in place before transferring image.
      • Keeping the pattern and carbon paper still, slowly trace over the pattern with a pencil. Do not move or lift the carbon paper or pattern until you’re done tracing. Once the image has been transferred, you can darken the lines on your base to accentuate the color separation.
  • Position glass pieces to fit the design. The glass is hand-cut and therefore are no two pieces alike. Take your time and be as neat as you want. The spacing between the pieces is your choice – you can fit them tightly together, like a jigsaw puzzle, or allow more room in between them for definition, especially if you are planning to grout your project. The more closely the pieces are fitted, the longer the project will take to complete.
  • Once you are satisfied with the glass placement, begin the gluing process by starting in the center of the design and working outward. Lift up a piece of glass, place a small rounded dot of glue on the back side of the stained-glass piece and then lay it back down on the design. Glue one piece after another until the project is complete. As a safety precaution, do not let the glass protrude beyond the edge of the project’s edge.
  • Drying time varies from a few minutes on porous substrates like the tile or wood art boards, while glass to glass applications might take overnight.
  • Grout Option: The last (optional) step of the process is grouting which tends to be a little messy. It is unnecessary if your project has a purely decorative purpose. Grouting may be done at a later time, if desired. Grouting instructions & video can be found on our website at: The video shows examples of grouted vs un-grouted projects so you may determine which look you prefer. There is important manufacturer information on this page.