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Welcome to the world of the stained glass mosaic art kit. We bring you the historic arts of mosaics, stained glass and a satisfying hands-on activity well suited for business events, parties or a quiet evening at home. Our stained glass mosaic art kits come with all of the materials needed to create a unique and beautiful work of art that either stands, hangs, or sits. This is a safe no-glass-cutting activity and best of all there is no experience necessary. Each kit contains near 100 distinctive hand-cut pieces of glass…no two are alike. Each project takes up to 3 hours to complete. Printed instructions & helpful online tutorials are included. We are excited to offer private virtual classes for your group as well.

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Read more about how creating stained glass art can improve wellness and quality of life.


Includes All Components

Kits include your choice of a design pattern and base plus stained glass pieces, glue, glue applicator, grout, grout applicator, and instructions.

Design Patterns

There is one design/pattern per kit and many designs available, such as awareness ribbons used by cancer organizations, flags, feathers, decorative hearts, beautiful flowers, and letters of the alphabet. Visit our online store for a complete selection.

Base Options

The base is the carrier of the mosaic glass pieces.  Each mosaic kit contains one BASE (6-inch square) which is your choice of an art board, ceramic tile or framed clear glass.

Presentation Packages

Package A is a commonly used package for the kits. Presentation options B & C are available as an upgrade. Please contact studio for pricing & availability. Package A is small and easy to distribute, Package B is a gift bag and Package C is a retail merchandiser that contains a work board as a bonus. Package C measures approximately 9 x 12 x 1/2″ and each kit is shrink wrapped.


Please Note:

Kits contain small parts that may be sharp and a small parts danger to younger children. Adult supervision is recommended for small children.

Kits are for decorative indoor use. If they are going to be used outside, we recommend applying an appropriate sealant (not included in the kit).

The last stage of completion is the grout, which is the material that is applied between the glass pieces. Grouting is an optional step