Express what you feel or what you love in a one of a kind stained glass EMOSY suncatcher, ready to display or give as a gift.

Landing Page Statement

  1. Turn Any Story into a one-of-a-Kind Stained Glass Suncatcher. A professional artist is ready to turn your memories into a stained glass work of art.
  2. Three Ways to Create An EMOSY to Tell Your Story.
  3. Bring your Idea to life.
  4. Learn from the experts.
  5. Unleash your creativity and relive your special memories.
  6. A timeless gift that will last for generations.
  7. Built to last a lifetime.
  8. Meaningful memories.
  9. Create a keepsake to cherish for years.
  10. Bring your story to light and let it shine.
  11. Escape the trap of art without a heart. Be bold, take hold and let your emoji shine.
  12. We will create and help make an EMOSY from your story that will shine.
  13. See how the pros do it.
  14. The creative process begins with a thought and a nod to make your dreams come true.
  15. Yearning to tell your story but not feeling creative…start here.
  16. you tell your story, we use our creative imagination to build your stained glass emosy that will last for generations.


Three Ways to Act…

  1. DIY MOSAIC KIT: We send you the pieces in kit form to make a 6×6” mosaic work of art. $49.95 plus $25 s&h. Includes pattern, carbon paper, glue, canvas board, stained glass pieces, fill pieces, tweezers and directions
  2. STAINED GLASS SUNCATCHER: We complete the design as a stained glass sun-catcher ready to hang. Consists of 10 pieces or less and about 7” diameter. $99 plus $25 s&h. Certificate of Authenticity included. Production time is 10 days up to two weeks. Contains lead.
  3. DIY EVENT IN TULSA: Attend a three hour scheduled public class in Tulsa ($60). Or gather friends/family & schedule a private event at Tulsa Stained Glass. $60 pp, 10 person min.

If you should decide on choice #1, you will receive our product which was made famous during the Covid-19 crisis. Here we worked shifts behind curtained walls to provide family activities.

If you choose #2, you will benefit from nearly 50 years of custom stained glass making.

If you decide on #3, you will be among the hundreds of people around Oklahoma who have experienced the awe-inspiring visual demonstration, the memorable fun music, and the unique theatrical storytelling from 50-year stained glass sensation, Richard Bohm. The three hour class/events is a Tulsa Stained Glass original event, one of the most interactive and entertaining activities to ever grace the Art Event Center stage.

Get your tickets today! Choose from one or come to all…Date Night, ladies Night Out, Saturday Matinees or the Sunday Stained Glass Special. Dates and details here https://www.tulsastainedglass.com.



Why You Need this Product

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Use the form below to write what is important to you and our stained glass artisans will use their creative talents to build an authentic stained glass EMOSY suncatcher capturing the flavor of what you write. Help our artists understand your request by considering a few questions:
  • Place, person or an event?
  • Does this take place in the past, present or future?
  • What central image would represent your story best?
  • What color would it be?
  • What distinguishable characteristic features does the image have?
  • Does the image have quantity or shape characteristics?



Begin by writing a short summary of what is on your mind. From that, think of an image that best represents that thought.

Fill out the Order Form and submit your information. We will reply within 10 days with an image of a stained glass or mosaic interpretation of your writing. This is an original created specifically for you.

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