What is creativity?  Creativity is the process of inventing a new idea.

So…. how do YOU become creative?

I have been teaching stained glass for over 40 years, and I have come to discover I really like the creative process of idea generation as much as the actual hands-on making of the project.   While my students come in excited for the hands-on section, they are surprised when the first 45 minutes is spent on a design lesson beginning with finger painting, continuing with 90 minutes of discussion about the process, and then back to creating a stained glass design with their finger painting!  This helps students boost their self-confidence throughout their crafting career.  Our new book will help you push your own creative magic to emerge to the surface.  It will enable you to understand the components of a creative personality.   By using  brainstorming and imagery, you can develop your imaginative and intuition skills to explore new worlds.
Through the pages of the book you will learn how to apply elements and principles, acquire the freedom to draw and paint without fear of failure, understanding and developing your creative process and learning stained glass fundamentals. You may think that some of the things I am proposing in this book are silly or unusual.  Each one of these steps is necessary to getting you to tap into your creative potential by tricking your brain into ignoring or bypassing its usual means of confining and rationalizing what it sees.  You can begin to express yourself in ways you never knew possible.  You will have fun, and may even learn something new about yourself!

To find out more, and receive updates as we get the book ready for “prime-time”, email us at: info@tulsastainedglass.com