Jack Mutt Strut 2017

Tulsa Stained Glass Company is going to the dogs—literally– this Saturday, October 28th.  Still sporting his crown from his coronation this past weekend as King of  Mutt Strut, Domestic Violence Intervention Services’ popular annual awareness walk and donation drive, TSG Mascot Jack’s first proclamation as Tulsa’s official   “Mutt Monarch” will be a continuation of the celebration to help the organization during Tulsa Stained Glass’s Fall Open House.

    The fun begins at 10:00 a.m., where attendees will be greeted with a  $5 rebate as they walk in  the door to use towards that day’s special Garden Spirit Class.   For the next two hours,  guests can enjoy refreshments, face painting by Karen, art demonstrations, and even open workspace for past students.  And it’s all free!   The Garden Spirit class begins at 1 p.m.  To register in advance for the class, visit online at Tulsa Stained Glass.com/classes.

So follow YOUR “mutt instinct” and come to Tulsa Stained Glass, 4131 South Sheridan,  this Saturday.  Have a great time while helping a great cause!  We will be collecting donations of pet food and supplies for the DVIS kennels housed at the emergency shelter; they especially need dog and cat food and pet beds.