For over 20 years Art Smart Challenge has been allowing students and adults enter into an Art Contest, whereby the winner can receive a Stained Glass Rendition of their Artwork, and be recognized nationwide on our website.   This year in 2016 will be the first year that we anticipate a HUGE increase of contestants as we will be allowing entries electronically entered through our contest system website and voted up through social media like facebook and twitter!  You’ll be able to use credit card to pay the $5 entry fee for paid contestants trying to compete for the Grand Prize, anyone can enter as well for recognition as well at NO charge, but no prizes are given out to the unpaid contestants, just recognition.  So why don’t you create your photo for our contest, in any form, electronic, or hand made, or anything in between.  Submit it for the contest.  All images should have 50 pieces or components to it, or less (to allow us to create a Stained Glass Window for the Grand Prize winner).  Outside of that, just about anything goes.  Looking forward to seeing your entries this year!

— Richard Bohm, Founder
ArtSmart Challenge