The Art of Stained Glass – Home Study Program

This is a two-part self-study program promoting joy, happiness and peace for those seeking the riches of what life has to offer.

The first section is the instruction on how to build a stained-glass window and the other is a practical guide for self-expression and spontaneous art using craft as a core.


The beginners stained glass video included in this package has helped hundreds of students become proficient in the craft.

Richard Bohm, owner of Tulsa Stained Glass and professional presenter, takes you through a series of videos that include lectures, demonstrations, tips & tricks.

Richard brings 45+ years of expertise to helping students build their confidence as they learn.

Topics include glass techniques, manufacturing, pattern making, glass selection & cutting, assembly, soldering & more.


In this program, you will learn stained glass building techniques & use the DoodleBohmBa process as a practical guide for self-expression and spontaneous art.

It shows you how to use creative doodling, the principles of stained glass design, and other art elements to facilitate communication, self-expression, and self-care.

Creating art is a powerful way to express yourself, find healing, maintain your emotional balance, get clear on what matters most, and be the best YOU possible.

Stained glass is used in this program as an artistic tool, so the course begins with a six-hour online video for an understanding of the medium.

The Activity Guide steps you through the many powerful ways that art can be used for self-development and spontaneous expression in a fun & engaging way.

Based on our Oklahoma State Board of Behavioral Health Licensure-approved DoodleBohmBa educational program, the principles in this 50-pg guide were refined for years at our learning center in Tulsa and are still taught there today during our Creative Art Retreats!

It includes in-depth detail, visual examples, activity prompts, and access to an upcoming video series that you’re sure to love, as well as other benefits.

Included in the Program:

  • A fun, expressive way to create art in the comfort of your home
  • Proven instruction on using art as a means of self-therapy and self-care
  • Guided activities to enhance your mental health & well-being
  • Ideas for art-centered mindfulness based on the principles of stained glass design
  • Access to our catalog of helpful online videos


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  2. Delivery orders: We’ll ship out your order via USPS Priority Mail.
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How it Works

  1. Once purchased, you will receive an email containing the Pass Code for one year access to our video instruction Beginners Stained Glass. Watch to gain an understanding of the mechanical and design process for a base understanding.
  2. Within five days, you will receive your text The Art of Stained Glass in the mail. Once you have an understanding of the stained glass “look”, you are ready to begin the book activities.
  3. Sharing your art can be done by uploading your art to the Art Smart Challenge. There is an administrative fee of $5 per entry. Visit for more information on the competition.