Commemorative Mosaic Kit

 About the Kit

This heartfelt stained glass mosaic kit aims to celebrate the achievements and entrepreneurial spirit of the “Black Wall Street” and Greenwood communities of Tulsa, Oklahoma while also commemorating the lives and sacrifices of its residents over the last 100 years.

A portion of the proceeds will be gifted to support the uplifting and preservation of these historic communities.

Mosaics are like communities in that the whole is made up of many smaller integral pieces. Through its carefully crafted design and symbolism, the finished mosaic is a nod to the past and to the hopes for the future.

Glass Recycling + Giving Back

The kit contains extra glass pieces, and we encourage you to return to be placed in more kits.

Resources + Information

– Get involved: Black Wall Street Alliance Educational Research Center

– Learn more about Black Wall Street here.

– More information about the Tulsa Race Massacre from the Oklahoma Historical Society.

– Visit the Greenwood Cultural Center and explore the district’s cultural significance and history, learn about its programs, and future works.

– Explore the initiatives of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission.

– Visit the African-American Resource Center, located at the Rudisill Regional Library in Tulsa.

Making a Mosaic – Timelapse Video