Fused Glass

Ancient Egyptians used glass-fusing techniques as far back as 2000 B.C. Glass fusing was the primary method of making small objects before the invention of glassblowing. Where is fusing nowadays? It is mostly used as a hobby and in the arts. Let’s talk about the process of fused glass.

The Process – Fused Glass


This process is where glass is layered using different shapes, colors, and patters. This is where the creativity happens. The person creating the piece has liberty to pick and chose the art piece and how the final piece will look. For instance, TSG allows the artist to create the piece and then finishes the fusing process. very similar to how ceramic glazing works. 


You’ve decided what you want. You’ve placed yellows on top of reds and triangles over trees and you now have a piece of art. This piece is placed in a kiln and rapidly heated. Known as ramping.


The temperature is ramped to higher degrees. Between those ramps you have soaks. While holding the temperature constant, the glass bonds.


We actually avoid this. By bringing the temperature down rapidly through the 816-593 degree range. Basically we don’t want the glass to crystallize.

Annealing Process

Below 593 it can then be allowed to slowly cool, allowing it to soak at specific temperatures, This process helps avoid breaking and uneven cooling.

The finished product can be a beautiful piece of art, ornament, jewelry, or some sort of beads. Larger pieces could include dishes, bowls, ashtrays, and plates.

Fused Glass is Available in Tulsa!

If you are looking for an opportunity to put together some fused art TSG is the spot. Daily, patrons come in and put the art piece together, returning several days later to pick up the finished art. With Christmas around the corner, maybe it’s time to make some ornaments!

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