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Events in Tulsa 

Tulsa may seem like a small city, but if you know where to look you can find all sorts of exciting activities to do. While some events only come around at certain times of the year, there are plenty of other year-round activities that can make your Tulsa trip one to remember. Whether you are from out of state and just stopping by for a vacation, or live in Tulsa, these are some great ways to spend time with family, friends, or even just in the company of yourself.  Events in Tulsa>>

Fun Things to Do in Tulsa 

Tulsa Stained Glass 

If you want your outing to be memorable and unique, Tulsa Stained Glass is the place for you. They offer a variety of classes good for individuals, or for groups. If you need a party, or just want to learn some arts and crafts, Tulsa Stained Glass has activities for both. The Rings and Things Class lets you make a stunning stained-glass ring project to take home, all in a fun 3 hour class. When you go, the wonderful people at Tulsa Stained Glass will show you how to make these decorations, using the tools and techniques they use to make their own stained-glass. They will teach you everything you need to know to make one of these lovely art pieces.  

If you enjoy free-form art, and are looking for something less serious, DoodleBohmBa is a perfect blending of finger painting and dance. DoodleBohmBa is all about having fun, and letting your creative juices flow above anything else. No matter the size of the group, Tulsa Stained Glass will provide all the needed supplies to make your own spontaneous painting. This event is lighthearted, and great for parties. Maybe you are in tune with nature, and if you are, then Garden Spirit Sculptures art classes are what you are looking for. It is said that Garden Spirit Sculptures protect your garden, and fill it with love and harmony. Make these metal and glass sculptures to your liking and to show off your personality. Add these to your garden, or anywhere else you think they fit, and they are sure to brighten up your home.  

The Tulsa Zoo  

For animal lovers, the Tulsa Zoo is where you will want to go. You can see 1500 animals from as many as 436 species all around the zoo, even from the café. If you are tired or just want to experience the zoo in a new and exciting way, the Tulsa Zoo has a train ride to get a closer look at the wildlife. The zookeepers are knowledgeable, friendly, and ready to answer your questions. Since their humble beginnings in 1927, back when they only had 35 animals, the Tulsa Zoo has grown into a hallmark of the Tulsa community. Furthermore, the Tulsa Zoo hosts several special events, including charity runs, Halloween events, and even movies in the zoo. They even serve as a venue for parties, such as birthdays, family reunions, and baby showers.  Tulsa Zoo.

Gilcrease Museum and the Philbrook Museum of Art 

The Philbrook Museum of Art is home to a sizable assortment of art from around the world. You can find Medieval art, Renaissance art, Modern art, and, the cornerstone of their collection, Native American art. With a smattering of jewelry, pottery, and basketry, lovers of Native American art will find much to love here. If you want to get some fresh air, the Philbrook Museum has a beautiful outdoor garden to walk through.  

The Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art, or Gilcrease Museum for short, dedicates itself to being one of the best museums for preserving and researching the history and heritage of America. Like the Philbrook, they house an impressive collection of Native American art, and other Old West paraphernalia. Furthermore, their archives are home to many rare historical maps, documents, and books, among other things. For art lovers and history buffs alike, you cannot do better than the Gilcrease Museum or the Philbrook Museum. 

The Woody Guthrie Center 

Woody Guthrie was one of the best-known names in American folk music, and you can celebrate his legacy at the Woody Guthrie Center. The Woody Guthrie Center is a museum that Guthrie’s life and his contributions to music, and full of exhibits which tell the story of the great musician. Here, you can see his famous songs in their original drafts, handwritten, along with his other writings and even his art. For musicians, this is a great place the day, not only to learn about a famous Oklahoman musician, but also to get inspired to write music. If you decide to do that, the Woody Guthrie Center can accommodate you. In their lyric-writing station, you can brainstorm, and then listen to the work of other artists who were inspired by Woody Guthrie. Not only is the Woody Guthrie Center informative, but tickets go for affordable prices, making this place a must-see. If you want a beautiful photo op, the side of the building is covered in a mural of Guthrie, and those famous words: “This Land is Your Land.” 

Activities in Tulsa 

Besides the fun places you can see in Tulsa, you can find a plethora of activities to do around there. Be sure to keep a lookout, however, because some events that only roll through annually, monthly, or sometimes only once. If you pass through Tulsa during the Holidays, then be sure to watch out for holiday parties and parades. Events in Tulsa This Weekend>>


Mayfest, for the third weekend in May, is the time when local artists, cooks, and crafters get to show off their skills and share them with the public. This event started back in 1978, and has continued to grow and inspire more artisans. Stopping by Mayfest is absolutely free, but if you want, you have the option to purchase some delicious cuisine or local art. There are plenty of booths, stands, and galleries to visit, so if you are in Tulsa around May try to stop by and see some of the beauty of Tulsa’s works. Visit Mayfest>>

Tokyo in Tulsa 

If you enjoy popular culture, comic books, or video games, Tokyo in Tulsa is where you need to go. It starts in July, and is full of guests from all kinds of popular media. There is an “artist’s alley” (effectively a craft hall) where you can buy anything from Poky, to steampunk watches, to replica swords and lightsabers. For people who enjoy trading cards or tabletop games, there are places to play each of those too. For people interested in actors and musicians from tv shows, movies, and other media, Tokyo in Tulsa holds panels where you have an opportunity to ask them questions. Now you can find some fun and interesting insights to your favorite geek culture performers. Maybe you just want to relax and play some video games with other people who share your interests, they have numerous game consoles and stations where you can play them. For geeks, nerds, and lovers of pop culture, mark your calendars for July, because Tokyo in Tulsa is coming

The Tulsa State Fair 

Fairs and amusement parks have been an American staple for many years, and the Tulsa State Fair continues this exciting tradition with rides and attractions guaranteed to thrill you, your family, and your friends. You can watch a rodeo, ride a roller coaster, listen to live music, and so much more at the Tulsa State Fair. What would a fair be without food? While you can get classics like funnel cake and corn dogs, the Tulsa State Fair has had Krispy Kreme hamburgers, fried ice cream sandwiches, and even cricket pizza. Whenever September is wrapping up, keep a lookout for the Tulsa State Fair, and, as they say, “take a spin.” 


For lovers of Bavarian culture, you can celebrate it during Oktoberfest Tulsa. Patterned from the original Oktoberfest in Munich, Bavaria, Oktoberfest hosts German bands, games, cuisine, and arts and crafts for your family and friends to enjoy. If you love food and beer, Oktoberfest is the place to be, with their decadent Bavarian cheesecake, bratwurst, and Bavarian beers of all kinds; you can listen to amazing music while toasting with friends and strangers alike.  


If you happen to be in Tulsa around Halloween, the Tulsa Zoo hosts a spooky, fun for the whole family trick-or-treat event called HallowZOOeen. If your family wants to do something special this Halloween, the Tulsa Zoo’s HallowZOOeen provides a unique substitute to more traditional Halloween festivities. More than 20,000 children attend, as proof that this event is a smash hit in the Tulsa area, and with activities like the Pumpkin Patch Playroom, treats at the Goblin Stops, and carnival games, it is no surprise.  

Tulsa Christmas Parade 

During the most wonderful time of the year, sometimes there is nothing more fun that spending time with your loved ones, whether at home in the warm, or outside enjoying Christmas festivities with others. The Tulsa Christmas Parade is a beautiful, non-profit event with a unique theme each year. Every time the Tulsa Christmas Parade comes around, expect masterfully crafted floats and spectacle. With hot chocolate, candy, and other treats, the Tulsa Christmas Parade is bound to become a new holiday tradition. Local SEO Services>>