Nurture Your Creative Spirit with the EMOSY, an experience, an art project and thinking process. The EMOSY is a fun, engaging art activity that encourages mindfulness & creative thinking.

The process uses visual storytelling inspired by the stained glass art medium. It can be a painting, a mosaic or a stained glass project.

The idea or story for a custom stained glass window starts with the EMOSY training.

Enjoy the EMOSY experience at home with one of our many kits or during our classes or private events by making a stained glass work of art inspired by beauty and/or symbolism and meaning.



The EMOSY follows in the shadow of traditional stained glass window storytelling as found in centuries old castles and magnificent cathedrals of Europe.

The EMOSY can take on any art form but the focus here is stained glass themed, such as painting materials, stained glass mosaics or a leaded glass project. EMOSY projects are more about creating an artistic composition of meaning rather than a functional stained glass window. However, to create a representation of the stained glass, it is very helpful understand the materials and processes of the craft first.


The Journey Begins

Each EMOSY begins with the basics – assorted pieces of glass chosen for their meaning and significance. This group of therapists came together to create an ensemble piece. With no plan in mind, each person chose a piece of glass that spoke to them, from hundeds of options, and worked as a team to combine them into a symbolic work of art.

The Transformation is Complete

The chosen pieces were assembled with care and emerged as a beautiful butterfly, a symbol of freedom and rebirth.  Witness the magic of creativity, promoting healing, peace, and relaxation. On a personal level, learn the powerful tool of commemorating life’s moments.. Make your own EMOSY and let your creativity soar!

Learn the whole story of the butterfly’s creation and discover how you can channel your life experiences and creativity to create your own work of art with meaning.


Join us for an entertaining event that inspires the creation of works of art to treasure. Step into the captivating and therapeutic world of the EMOSY experience, where a magical journey awaits you! Prepare to be enchanted as you immerse yourself in a three-hour event at Tulsa Stained Glass, surrounded by kindred spirits and filled with boundless inspiration.


Experience the heart of EMOSY, where creativity flourishes, and different thinking skills are developed, empowering you to seek solutions to life’s challenges or seize exciting opportunities. The EMOSY is both a process and a masterpiece, using art to symbolize the essence of your most cherished ideas, events, or loved ones.


To emphasize the power of EMOSY thinking lets look at an example that symbolizes freedom and rebirth…a butterfly. The begins as a humble capapillar and transforms into a new version of itself.

As you envision the colors that will breathe life into your butterfly, let your imagination soar and seek out the perfect shapes and pieces to bring your vision to life.

Heart Mosaic

With each glass piece thoughtfully chosen, let your senses be entranced by the details – the vibrant colors, intriguing textures, and graceful shapes. Now, with a heart filled with intention, let the magic unfold as you arrange the pieces to create the butterfly’s graceful form. Embrace the spirit of artistic exploration as you experiment with different arrangements, turning and manipulating the glass with finesse. Watch in awe as triangles metamorphose into delicate wings, a round nugget evolves into a majestic head, and rectangles unite to form a captivating body. Witness the birth of your very own EMOSY – a mesmerizing symbol of transformation and creative expression.

With the gentle guidance of our skilled instructor, your EMOSY takes its final form – a breathtaking leaded stained glass project or a mosaic artistry lovingly attached to a canvas board.

Revel in the self fulfillment, inner peace, and relaxation that this activity brings forth, drawing upon the ancient wisdom known by countless souls throughout history.

Embrace the EMOSY experience as a sanctuary for your spirit, a place where creativity dances with your deepest emotions. This captivating journey is more than just crafting a masterpiece; it is an exploration of self-expression, a celebration of the meaningful resonance art evokes within.

Let the EMOSY experience be a portal to joy, and inner transformation – a unique journey where you find solace in the creative process. Unleash your imagination, and let your stained glass project carry you to new undiscovered realms of artistry. Don’t miss this fun opportunity to bask in the therapeutic magic of EMOSY – join us and let your spirit soar!


At its core, an EMOSY is a fun activity making a self-expressive work of art using colors and shapes connected by lines, inspired by the art in stained glass. The process promotes thinking and connection with others, leading to a powerful visual communication tool.

An EMOSY can be one idea made of many pieces or a central idea with many components. Inspirations can include:

  • thinking about the past, present and future
  • people, events or ideas
  • representation of emotions

If thoughts are abstract, the maker can narrow focus to determine a subject.…let’s say for example a flower is the best representation of a family. The number of flowers represent the number of brothers or sisters, the petals represent the number of children of each sibling and so on. Soon a family picture emerges symbolic of a bouquet of flowers.


This is the official hands-on activity kit combining the ancient Japanese Zen garden and EMOSY philosophies.

The Japanese Zen Garden is an ancient art form that incorporates rocks, trees, water and bridges to create a setting of peace, harmony and meaning. The two main elements of the EZ Garden are glass pieces to represent mountains and sand to serve as flowing water. The meditative placement of the components represents immortal souls, longevity, and continuing health. Apply the same principles to your tabletop EZ garden to find peace and create harmony.

The EMOSY is a self-expressive symbolic art activity that encourages mindfulness and creative thinking. It is inspired by the timeless craft of stained glass, which has been used for centuries to tell stories. The EZ Garden Kit is a tool for visual storytelling.

Ideas for stories could be about a person, place or event. The story might be about your goals, growth, relationship, values, achievements or gratitude.

The finished work of art is an abstract image for the maker to communicate.  Once your artwork is complete, share your story by taking a picture of it and sending it to a friend or family member.

This Kit is excellent for Sensory Exercises: Focus on the sound, feeling/touch, breath and sight for 5 seconds as you manipulate the art pieces in the EZ garden kit. Use these exercises when completing other activities in this kit.


Classes in Tulsa: Enroll in a three-hour make & take stained glass class to make your own EMOSY. Regularly scheduled workshops are available on most Saturday afternoons, as well as weekday evening Date Night, Ladies Night Out, and Singles Night events. Students have the choice of making a traditional leaded project or a mosaic. All classes include the rage room experience. Click here to enroll.

Private Events: The EMOSY classes are also bookable as Private Events, Great for business or organizational outings as well as birthdays, weddings, memorials and other celebrations. Click here for more information.

Mosaic Kits: Make an EMOSY in the comfort of your own home with our convenient kits.  They include everything you need, including all materials and pre-cut glass pieces.  Click here to purchase.

Online Couses: NEW! Check out our brand-new online courses! Let your EMOSY shine, experience the power of art and nurture the creative you, with several course options to choose from. You can learn the essentials of art, develop your creativity, or even learn the secrets of how to build an authentic stained glass window, all from the privacy and convenience of your own home. Click here to learn more.