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Are you a local artist looking for an art program? Interested in finding out just how creative you are? Doodle Bohm Ba is the best art program outside our great colleges. Come and learn from our master Stained Glass craftsman & craftswomen.

How does our program work?

We send you back to kindergarten with finger-painting, we then teach you about creating purpose, principles of design and art elements, converting your design into a stained glass work of art, and then we will give you an opportunity to share your skills.


Something about this simple process kick starts your spontaneous art. The process of inventing new or doing something new gets your mind working in new and creative ways. We strip the thinking process down for your brain. This care free version of ourselves is much more likely to create something beautiful then the wound up version thinking about details, comparison, and such.

How will I channel my creativity?

We want you to be fearless, take a risk. Remember to use doodling as a creative tool. We want you to capture your thoughts and turn them into art. Maybe brainstorm an art piece. We will walk through the principles of visualization and how you can use it.

Art Principles?

Yes, art has principles. We will talk about line, size, shape, form, center, texture, space, color, contrast, hue, value, among other principles. We will talk about the principles of design, such as rhythm, variety, repetition, unity, etc. You’ll have to come to the class to learn, there is so much more about art principles then some realize.

Remember we are stained glass experts. We want to show you how art works and then show you how it applies to making stained glass. Use this experience to enrich your art education. See you soon at Doodle Bohm Ba.

When looking for things to do in Tulsa come to the Art Event Center and enjoy Doodle Bohm Ba. For more details, call (918) 664-8604