Find joy, peace & strength in the destruction!

 The Rage Self-expression Store for Individuals, parties and business outings.

 Best used for a private event such as workplace management, anxiety, stress or parties including divorce, birthdays and more.

 A resource of repurposed dinner & housewares to smash in a safe environment.

Stained Glass or Mosaic Making Classes + Smashing

All of the scheduled Tulsa Stained Glass classes and workshops include a rage room smashing experience. The stained glass classes are a three hour teacher-led venue and the mosaic classes are two hour events. This is the perfect venue for a ladies night out, date night or Saturday outing to learn about the craft, make a project and then smash some glass.

Tulsa Rage Room Sampler Event

This is a half hour event for those who only want to break a variety of glass and dinnerware.

Create, Destroy & Enjoy Activity Kit

This kit is filled with breakable items as found in our Rage Room that are conveniently boxed to give as a gift, host a home party or use as a wellness package for yourself. Best used as a tool for workplace management, anxiety, stress and celebrations such as parties, divorce, weddings, birthday gifts.

Parties and Business Outings

This is a private event scheduled per customer request with an option to make a stained glass (3 hours) or a mosaic (2 hour) project. All include a rage room smashing experience.

Mobile Events

We can personalize our stained glass, mosaics classes and rage room experience for your event. Venues limited to corporate outings, retreats and large entertainment events. Email your request to

“Let It Go”

Follow us on social media for the latest and greatest videos on people letting go of their emotions or celebrating accomplishments. Become part of the action by attending a class or sending a request for us to do it for you. Send to, with “Let It Go” in the subject line.

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