Corporate Event Entertainment

Sometimes nothing is better for improving morale at a company like a corporate event. It helps the employees get to know one another better, and can help people step away from work for a moment to recover from a trying week. Sometimes a company event is a great way to have a holiday party. Instead of shutting everyone inside the office for small talk and snacks, why not practice some team building and have fun at a different venue? This corporate event entertainment might be so popular that it becomes a tradition. Tulsa Events>>

Stokely Event Center 

Sometimes when hosting an event, it would be nice to be able to have a venue conducive to both business and fun. Fortunately, Stokely Event Center has the sound equipment with laptop connectors and microphones for any business, and soda, Sonic slushies, and plenty of free-to-play games for the employee’s pleasure. Maybe the event needs a more adult edge, and if it does then they allow groups to bring in their own wine and beer to enjoy during the company event. If the party needs a theme, Stokely Event Center can help. They will accommodate any company party with decorations to fit the theme the organizer has in mind. At the end of all of this, there is not even any need to worry about cleaning up afterwards, as they will take care of all of that. With all of these perks, Stokely Event Center is a great place to have a corporate party.  

Tulsa Stained Glass 

TCC Garden Spirit Sculptures smThe more unique the party, the more memorable it will be, and Tulsa Stained Glass has a plethora of interesting classes perfect for a group setting. Their Rings and Things class teaches people how to create a stained-glass ring decoration, or their garden spirit sculptures art classes to learn how to create a personalized garden spirit sculpture. The best part is that, once completed, people can bring their art home afterwards. Sometimes, working with one’s hands is a great way to relax, and gain a sense of fulfillment. If the company wants something a little more active, the DoodleBohmBa class is for letting creativity flow while finger painting and dancing to upbeat music. On a beautiful day, this is the perfect activity to do at Tulsa Stained Glass. Uniqueness, creativity, and fun are all a part of the experience when having a corporate event at Tulsa Stained Glass. Corporate Event Entertainment>>

Fassler Hall 

When everyone is hungry and thirsty, some beer and bratwurst can help raise team spirit. Fassler Hall is just the place for a corporate event where all the employees can socialize and learn more about each other in the loose, laid back environment of a German beer hall. Fassler Hall has a wide selection of liquors, beers (craft or otherwise), cocktails, entrees, and sides so anyone can find something that they enjoy. With its large tables, a decent sized group can sit, unwind, and enjoy one another’s company, making Fassler Hall a good spot for corporate event entertainment. Events in Tulsa>>

Main Event 

Love bowling? Love laser tag? Love arcade games, billiards, food, and drinks? Main Event is the place to go for a company in need of corporate event entertainment. There are enough games to keep everybody entertained, and with a variety of food and drinks in a family friendly setting, it does not matter if the employees are young, old, or anything in between, they will have a blast. For employees 21 or older, there is even a bar to order drinks. Whether it is for team-building or just for fun, Main Event is sure to satisfy. Things to do in Tulsa>>