• 22nd Annual Competition
  • Deadline: Dec 31, 2015
  • For Kids, Adults & Seniors
  • Enjoy a creative art experience
  • Enter to win prizes and fame
  • Total of $2500 in prizes!

Are you Up to this Year’s Art Challenge?

Grand Prize is a Custom Stained Glass window from your very own artwork.


Two stained glass windows were designed by the kids of the Ronald McDonald House and brought to life by The Tulsa Stained Glass Company.

The idea behind the Art Smart Challenge started in 1993 as the O.K.L.A. (Outstanding Kids Learning Art) Stained Glass Drawing Competition from the seeds of the Ronald McDonald House project.

Art Challenge was the next step in taking the competition worldwide. Though the competition has changed and grown, the mission of the Art Smart Challenge has remained the same: to motivate individuals to take action, have a positive art experience, and develop the “can do” spirit. The Art Smart Challenge allows children, adults, and seniors to be recognized as artists within the community.

The creative spirit is often stifled by the realities and drudgery of daily life, but the Art Smart Challenge aims to reignite that imaginative spark. When students are taught to express themselves, they discover they are capable of making deliberate decisions instead of running on “automatic.” Confidence in daily decision-making soon leads to an enthusiasm for tackling greater challenges.

The Art Smart Challenge also aims to gather people together in a creating community. Together, all kind of people can help each other find the best ways to communicate. Working together gives everyone a chance to share technique, ideas, and opinions. Plus, doing art as a group is fun!

This competition also teaches entrants about the ancient craft of stained glass. This technique is a great medium for expression because it lends itself well to the simplest and most complicated of designs. The combination of light, strong color and bold outlines can make any design come to life. Where some mediums can leave a design looking simplistic, stained glass makes it shine with life and beauty.

The Art Smart Challenge is an excellent tool for improving communication skills. From the earliest cave paintings, people throughout history have used art to tell a story or convey an idea. The ability to use art as expression helps us move forward; it is a skill everyone should work to develop.

The Art Smart Challenge challenges participants to convey symbolically something that is meaningful to them.Besides being a fun activity for people of all ages, the Art Smart Challenge also provides teachers with learning tools. It can even be used as a program fundraising tool. Please contact us if you would like to get your group involved.

Richard Bohm, Founder


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