Jack is the official mascot and ambassador for Tulsa Stained Glass. Jack loves making friends with dogs, cats, people, anyone who will give him a smile.  But life hasn’t always been this easy.  No one knows exactly how Jack’s life started but he was found huddled in a ditch along the highway; alone, cold, and hungry. Jack’s life is much different now. Read more about Jack’s adventures and ask questions here on Jack’s blog page.

Since being crowned “King” of the Domestic Violence Intervention Service’s Mutt Strut 2017, he has stepped up to the plate and put his notoriety to work helping others on a much larger scale. Jack’s agenda begins:

  1. By helping abuse victims use the art of stained glass for Healing. You can help by using the promotional code “DVIS” when enrolling in a class at Tulsa Stained Glass; a portion of the fee for your class will be used to provide classes for abuse victims.
  2. By using his image via posters to highlight abuse awareness for display at home, work and play.
  3. By writing and maintaining a blog, questions and answers. This is available from anywhere In the world online and in a Facebook feed.
  4. By collecting gift items for the DVIS kennel program. The kennel allows individuals and families escaping from an abusive situation to take their pets with them to a safe place.


Your contributions support printing and distribution of posters, classes for victims of abuse, and other awareness campaign actions.


Contribution levels
Jack Supports DVIS - All Life Matters


For the first time, we are offering Jack’s posters to you.  Display the poster on your wall or bulletin board to show your support for Jack’s cause. At the same time, you can enjoy the great picture and ponder Jack’s theme.

The initial poster theme is “All Lives Matter”.  What does this mean to you? For Jack, “All Lives” includes kids, dogs, and even cats! Order your poster now!



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Jack’s Adventures Continues

Jack’s Adventures Continues

Jack collects donations for DVIS Jack said today, "if only all dogs could be a mascot." Did you know: Tulsa Stained Glass raises money and supplies annually for the Domestic Violence Intervention Service (DVIS)?  Mascot Jack is especially interested in helping the...

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