Welcome to our stained glass classes!  From teenagers to grandparents, from beginners to adepts, we have classes for everyone.  Since 1975, we have been happy to share our stained glass knowledge with students of all talent and experience levels, from Tulsa and throughout northeastern Oklahoma.  Our short project classes are perfect for out-of-towners looking for a special experience on a day-trip or weekend getaway to the Tulsa area.

Come socialize, invite your friends and family, and make a thing of beauty.  Enjoy a unique, creative adventure unlike anything else available in Tulsa today! We offer our Beginning Stained Glass, Glass Expressions Workshops, and Ring Things classes throughout the year.  Watch our schedule for a variety of short project classes for beginners, from whimsical birds to flowers to lampwork beads and fusing, as well as Intermediate/Advanced project classes and special Beginner and Intro class schedules.


Learn the complete process of making authentic leaded stained glass windows, using the same techniques artisans have used to create lasting works of art since the Middle Ages. This 8-week class starts with design and ends with a finished stained glass panel ready to hang. We also include a demo of the copper foil construction technique. Both daytime and evening classes are available. More information.


Choose your own combination of glass colors and style to create a one-of-a-kind work of art! Learn glass selection, rough cutting, soldering & assembly, and adding finishing touches. Plus learn about the stained glass design & construction process. From ornaments to window decorations to charms to mosaics and more, each piece is as unique as the artist who creates it.

Each workshop allows you more opportunities to create unique pieces! Craft inspired solo art works each time or create a series of pieces that harmonize together!

Online Video Instruction

Can’t come to Tulsa for our Beginner Stained Glass Class?  Check out our video instruction. Try just one or two videos to refresh your skills in glass cutting or soldering, OR work your way through the whole series and learn to build a stained glass window!