keepsakeΒ kit

Stained Glass Mosaic Craft Kit

Thank you for buying our Stained Glass Mosaic Craft keepsake kit.Β 

Below are detailed instructions on how to create a stained glass mosaic, plus a few of our thoughts on the other included projects.Β Each mosaic comes with a design pattern, but we encourage you to create your own design. The challenge is exciting and the results rewarding!

We hope these activities are a fun, rewarding, and helpful step in your creative journey.

Before You Start

Set up your workspace for optimal comfort and focus:

πŸ”Ί Allow enough space to comfortably spread out the pieces and work on your project.
πŸ”Ί We recommend a non-carpeted floor and adding a protective barrier to your table/surface to protect it from glue, carbon copy paper, and scratches.

πŸ”Ί We suggest grabbing a pencil, paper towels, and tape for the mosaic. You’ll need someΒ πŸ’§ water when you’re ready to grout.
πŸ”Ί Get comfortable: lighting, music, and refreshments will set the mood and get you in a better headspace.

Storytelling Option

Before beginning the designated pattern, try the alternate EMOSY method of using the stained glass pieces to create a new design that symbolizes a story you want to tell.

Mosaic How-To

Mosaic-Making Timelapse

πŸ‘‰ Remove the stained glass pieces from the bag and spread them out.Β It’s easier to do a mosaic when you can see all the pieces.

πŸ‘‰ Position the Design/Pattern

We encourage you to create your own design either before hand on a piece of paper or as you go along! The additional challenge is so much fun, and you may be surprised and delighted by the result.

Whether you use our pattern or make your own, follow these steps to transfer it to your canvas:

  • Remove the protective plastic covering from the canvas.

  • Place the carbon copy paper shiny side-down on the canvas side of the base.
  • Place the pattern on top of the carbon paper. Use masking tape to hold the pattern in place before tracing the image.
  • Hold the pattern and carbon paper in place and trace over the pattern with a pencil. Do not move or lift the carbon paper or pattern until you’re done tracing.
  • Lift up the carbon paper and pattern. You should see the design on your canvas. You can use a pencil to darken or correct the lines on your base if needed.

πŸ‘‰ Position glass pieces to fit the design.

The glass is hand-cut and has natural variations in color from the manufacturing process, so no two pieces are alike. Take your time and be as neat as you want. The spacing between the pieces is your choice – you can fit them tightly together, like a jigsaw puzzle, or allow more room in between them for definition, especially if you are planning to grout your project.

πŸ‘‰ TIP: The more exacting the pieces are fitted, the longer the project will take to complete.

πŸ‘‰ Glue the glass pieces to the canvas.

Once you are satisfied with the glass placement, begin gluing, starting in the center of the design and working outward. The tweezers will help you here.

  • Lift up a piece of glass, place a small rounded dot of glue on the back side of the stained-glass piece, and then lay it back down on the design.
  • Glue one piece after another until the project is complete.
  • If you need to stop and come back another date and need fresh glue, Elmer’s white glue will work.

πŸ‘‰ TIP: As a safety precaution, do not let the glass protrude beyond the edge of the project’s edge.Β  Do not place the glass all the way to the edge of the canvas; leave a small margin for the grout.

πŸ‘‰ Allow your project 24 hours to dry before touching, grouting, or doing the collage on the opposite side.

πŸ‘‰ TIP: Extra glass? You’re welcome to mail it back to us for recycling, but consider using it in your collage or keeping it for future art projects! If mailing, please send to Tulsa Stained Glass, 4131 S. Sheridan Road, Tulsa, OKΒ 74145.

πŸ‘‰ Grout Option: Grouting means filling in the spaces between the glass with a paste (grout) that will harden and create the lines throughout your piece just like the grout between bathroom and kitchen tiles.

This optional step tends to be a little messy and may be done at a later time if desired. The glue must be completely dry before grouting your project.

πŸ‘‰ Grouting instructions & video here: The video shows examples of grouted vs un-grouted projects so you may determine which look you prefer. There is important manufacturer information on this page.

Photo Collage

The back “paper” side of the mosaic serves as the base for your photo collage. The photo collage is a chance to make your piece truly unique and personal!

A collage is a creative work of art made by gluing down various materials such as paper, photos and fabric to a surface.

There is no “right” way to do a collage, but here are a few ideas to consider:

πŸ’‘ Express an emotion, idea, or reflect a person or event that’s special to you.

πŸ’‘ Words matter! If your collage is mostly photos, any text you add will stand out.

πŸ’‘ Differences attract the eye. Help tell your story by contrasting light and dark, colors with neutrals, or small and large.

πŸ’‘ Collages are a fun way to express your thoughts visually. Bright yellow can express joy, blues often denote sadness or calm, while sharp angles and jagged lines can look angry and frustrated.

πŸ”Ί Remember, you’ll be gluing down your photos so make copies of precious photos first. Once they’re glued, they’re staying there!

Whatever you end up making, enjoy it because YOU made it! There is no perfection or judgment here. Congrats on completing it!

Keepsake Bottle

Use a bit of twine to tie around the neck of the bottle. Make sure it’s snug so the bottle doesn’t slip out! For extra holding power, add glue beneath the twine. Here are some content ideas:

πŸ’‘ Roll up a message to a loved one past or present.

πŸ’‘ Put in a goal or deadline and note your reward.Β 

πŸ’‘ Write down what you’re thankful for, what you’ve achieved, or your wishes.

πŸ’‘ Tuck in a small memento like a dried flower, spices from cooking with your family, or a lock of hair.

Don’t forget to seal the bottle with the cork top.

Photo Charm

A perfect small charm or talisman to hang or keep with you. The design and size of the charm vary from kit-to-kit, and YOU make it special by customizing it. Here are some ideas:

πŸ’‘ Add a picture of a loved one or a pet.

πŸ’‘ A small memento that’s special to you like a ticket stub or bit of cloth.

πŸ’‘ Your charm may represent you personally. Use a picture or add text to declare your message to the world!

πŸ’‘ These are great as reminders and talismans too. Use them for affirmations and positive vibes each day.