Well it looks like you didn’t complete your payment.  If you DO NOT have your artwork ready, please review the instructions below.  Once you’ve got your ARTWORK Ready to Upload at the time you are ready to register, then follow the instructions below.


  1. Have Your Artwork Ready to Upload (.jpg or .png)

  2. Choose Your Number of Entries 1 to 100

  3. Make Your Payment

  • COPY  THE Payment Transaction ID from Paypal, and PASTE it into the ENTRY FORM AFTER you have PAID.
  • Parents:   Make sure your First & Last Name & Your Child’s Name are on Each Entry inside the NOTES FIELD IN PAYPAL.  
  • Multiple Entries:  Multi-entry package must be used by 1 artist within the current competition year.  Make sure you SAVE the Registration Page (URL Link) to UPLOAD additional Entries  Later.

Select Entry Quantity