A Message from Doctor Dan

Love, Frogs and You

You don’t get what you want out of life by kissing frogs or flipping a coin. That would be an act of random luck.

Get the most out of life by knowing yourself, doing the right thing and being proud. Love will follow your every step, doors of opportunity will open. If you want to get to know yourself better or build bigger dreams, our Art Smart Programs can help.

Dan Fazzini, Ph.D.
Director of Creative LearninG
Art Smart Club of the United States


Dan Fazzini, Ph.D. is a research scientist, professor and entrepreneur in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since 1997, Dr. Fazzini has functioned as a professional consult to a number of private organizations on how to apply the scientific principles of learning, program development & performance evaluation to individual clients and classrooms within the public & private worlds of corporate America.

Born and raised south of Chicago, Dr. Dan Fazzini introduced himself to the field of psychology at the age of 16 as he successfully battled his fear of batting while playing fast pitch baseball by conditioning himself to relax at the plate by visualizing an incompatible response, deep breathing.  However, it wasn’t until years later he learned the name of his self-taught technique: systematic desensitization.

Dr. Fazzini attended Illinois Wesleyan University where he earned a B.A. in 1967 and the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee where he earned his Masters Degree and Ph.D. in Psychology (Experimental Psychology, Learning Theory) in 1972. It was during this time Dr. Fazzini refined his analytic thinking and became a formal research scientist.  Dr. Fazzini’s studies focused on the difference between the art of teaching & the science of learning, as well as how each is a valuable program component in assisting individuals to find their way in life, more affectively manage employee relationships, and develop solid interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Fazzini worked several years coordinating the education & training of students in research techniques in Madison, Wisconsin at the Waisman Research Center. From there he accepted the Program Directorship at the Waukegan Developmental Center where he was responsible for the learning, education, therapeutic recreation and 24-hour residential care of 384 persons with developmental disabilities.   After successfully guiding the Center to its initial JCAH accreditation, he moved on to become Administrator of health care programs in Ohio, Idaho, and Oklahoma (from 1977 thru 1989).  Dr. Fazzini eventually opened his first privately owned facility in 1987 and others quickly followed.

Dr. Fazzini has served on the Board of Directors of several national & local non-profits organizations, and is proud to lend his support and expertise to the Art Smart Club which is designed to assist people express their talents and feeling through artistic endeavors.