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Placement Ideas for Stained Glass

Placement Ideas for Stained Glass Stained Glass has many usages because of its decorative and/or its functional, non-transparent attributes. Check out this list to see where stained glass can beautify your environment. Front entry: this is the most popular place for...

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Materials The Pros Use

Materials The Pros Use Cames - Since the invention of stained glass in the tenth century, H-shaped lengths of metal, called cames, have been used to join the pieces of glass. Lead is the preferred material, dating back hundreds of years. It is a gray pewter color...

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A Brief Introduction to Stained Glass

A Brief Introduction to Stained Glass In simple terms, the purpose of a window is to admit light while protecting a building interior from the elements. A stained glass window is made of pieces of colored glass, held together in lead channels. In this form a window...

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A Brief History of Stained Glass

A Brief History of Stained Glass Stained glass is a hand craft, practiced in many parts of the world today in a manner virtually unchanged since its beginnings in medieval Europe. Techniques remain the same, but modern technology - notably improved soldering irons and...

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Give a Hoot!

This little Hoot represents the creative side in all of us. Set it in your window as a reminder to "Give a Hoot" to find solutions. Every week our artisan/crafters make little "hoots" in a variety colors depicting an array of personalities. Each is a one of a kind;...

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