Nurture Your Creative Spirit through “Arts + Smash”

Want a creative way to relieve stress, rage, and boredom?

Need a novel, interesting gift for a friend or relative?

Seeking a fun, flexible way to entertain a group?

Easy Fulfilling Fun at Your Place or Ours 

We use art, creativity, and some good old-fashioned smashing to encourage self-expression, positive energy release, and fun times!

Our DIY Art Kit comes with lots of materials and ideas for at-home creative fun! OR if you’d rather get out of the house, convert the kit into an in-person event that includes glass mosaic or stained glass-making with some glass-smashing in our Rage Room. 

Perfect for gifting to friends, family, and groups – the recipient can choose!

Satisfying Activities for Individuals + Groups

Great solo or in groups! Easy-to-complete art projects and Rage Room excitement encourage you to “let it all out” in a fun and fulfilling way.

Friends, co-workers, and groups of all kinds LOVE the energy release and the hilarity of their peers “Hulking” out in the Rage Room! This is a bonding experience unlike any other!

– Perfect for those who think they aren’t good at art.

– Encourages creativity, self-confidence, and self-expression.

– De-stress and experience the satisfaction of making!

Rock + card-decorating

Tumbled river rocks are excellent canvases on which to express your emotions, hopes, and words of affirmation and encouragement. Their smooth surfaces are delightful to hold, hide, and find.

We include a deck of playing cards and encourage you to decorate for the ultimate custom deck!


Create a beautiful mosaic project from authentic stained glass pieces. Use the included pattern or create your own. Don’t be afraid to experiment with the glass before you glue it!


Physically release that pent up stress in our Tulsa Rage Room. Smash glass, break ceramics, and more, all in a safe controlled space. Come play our mini game for a chance at more destruction!

The Kit

∗ Everything you need to make personalized Anti-Rage Art Rocks
and a glass mosaic project at home

∗ Access to complimentary online design lessons and challenges

∗ A deck of playing cards to decorate

∗ Option to trade your DIY Kit for an in-person event

The Event

∗ Trade in your kit for an in-person event – up to 3 hours of activities!

∗ Lots of eligible trade-in classes + events to choose from including 2-3 hour stained glass and mosaic classes: Fun, easy projects and no experience required.

∗ Rage Room: Our 2-3 hour classes come with a chance to smash something in our Rage Room! Feel the excitement and tension release of breaking fragile items in a safe environment.

Converting Your Kit to an
In-Person Event is Easy

(and FREE!)

1. Visit our Upcoming Events page and select an event with “AR Event” in the name.
2. Use the voucher code listed on the kit packaging when prompted.
3. Bring the unopened kit along with your registration receipt on the day of the event.
4. Enjoy the event!
5. Post your creation on Facebook and tag us!

What if I ONLY want to Smash Glass?

Keep an eye on our social media for upcoming studio Rage Room and mobile Glass Smash events or check our event schedule below.

Enter coupon code LOVE2021 at checkout to receive $5 off your ticket.

WHAT is the Tulsa Rage Room?

Glass Smash is stress and energy-releasing, socially-approved destruction! 🤪 Grab a friend for some smash-style therapy and let loose on our breakables. Leave your worries on the floor because we take care of the cleanup! 🧹

2 people are allowed in the Rage Room at a time, so when you’re not smashing, make a glass mosaic (sold separately) or enjoy one of the available mini activities or games.

Reduce stress and feel better together.

WHO is Tulsa Rage Room?

This beautiful destruction is hosted by Tulsa Stained Glass, a premier Oklahoma glass studio. While our main focus is creation, we can’t deny the joys of destruction, and we have LOTS of glass and breakables(You can buy our creations too!)




Mobile Smashes

In addition to a Rage Room, we also have a mobile setup and can host our unique Glass Smash experience nearly anywhere: our studio, outdoor markets/expos, your workplace parking lot, fairgrounds, and even driveways!

Email for advanced booking. Great for birthday parties, family gatherings, gender reveal parties, bachelor/bachelorette events, or divorce celebrations!

Please read our Waiver before your event. There will be a copy for you to sign in person at the event. Adults must sign on behalf of minor participants.