Saint Francis Children's Hospital by Tulsa Stained Glass

The New ASC 2022

Since 1995 ASC has remained stable as a contest with few changes. We remain true to our mission. The ASC 2022 has been revised to fit the times. It has officially been migrated from a contest to a challenge. The project size and alternate medium of stained glass has been admitted.

All artwork submitted into ASC is affectionately called an EMOSY. ASC is the official site to show off your EMOSY.

The Emosy Brand

Sounds like uh·mow·see

Etymology: the word emosy has roots in storytelling visual symbolism.

Is emosy an actual word? Emotion and symbolism

Definition: An EMOSY is defined as an object or pictorial graphic “creation of meaning” pictorially shown as a stained glass image using varied colors and shapes.

Creating an EMOSY to use as a tool of self-expression.

The design reflects a story by using shapes and colors to create meaning.

Focus on what is important in your life and that become the subject of your project.

Define what the subject should look like ie colors and shapes. With that, determine the size and quantity of shapes.

Create a composition of the pieces

Mediums Use to Create an EMOSY

An emosy was originally defined by using one of three methods; stained glass leaded, stained glass mosaic and graphic media i.e. markers and canvas.

The process of selecting color, shape and size is a subconscious activity made possible with the creator giving full attention to what is important.

How to Submit Your EMOSY to the World




Basic Steps to Create a Emosy:

The EMOSY should resemble a stained glass window with black lines surrounding the color and black lines forming a grid. The EMOSY maybe displayed as a decorative element, and when viewed by the creator…it provides peace & harmony.

Select color shape and size of object.

          Outline each object with black line.

Add a black line grid to form a matrix i.e. visually supporting the object

Ten or less colors are applied to a canvas so that it covers half of the area. The other half of the canvas remains white.

  1. A black line is drawn around each color
  2. A grid is drawn on the white space connecting the colored shapes.

 Practice A:

          Select 5 colors that are your favorite.

          With color #1 make a square, with color #2 a round,

The Science behind Making a EMOSY

emosy making is a tool for expanding & learning to use the spontaneous creative mind. The process forces using the frontal cortex of the brain according to da da, a neologism scientist. Self awareness and self consciousness is turned down. Our environment help students to lose their sense of self, time, place so creativity can flourish.

Workshop for Building a Stained Glass EMOSY

Creativity happens outside of consciousness/ awareness

Ideas come when you are in a flow state