Art Competitions For High School Students

Not all art contests are art competitions for high school students. However, the Art Smart Challenge really is geared toward high school and college age artists. We encourage any age, but we love to see our young talented artists enter the art competition in order to win our National Art Contest. We want to be one of the premier Art Competitions For High School Students.

Deadline is extended this year to January 31st, because we are hoping to get another 1,000-2,000 entrants into our competition. This is not a new competition, there have been 22 winners as this is the 23rd Annual contest. We do ask that all competitors be kids, adults, and seniors. Yes, that basically includes everyone. We want this to be a creative art experience. Because it draws such great competition across the country we give away over $2500 worth of prizes. Check out the rules to the competition here. But if you’re looking for additional information feel free to call us at (918) 664-8604.


Not only do we have a national art competition, we have an amazing art event center located in Tulsa and one of the largest stained glass companies in Oklahoma. Check out our newsletter.