Art Competition For Kids | Art Smart Challenge

At Tulsa Stained Glass we believe in cultivating an artistic spirit. That is why not only do we make some of the best stained glass pieces in Tulsa, we also have pottery painting, canvas painting, fused glass, classes, courses, day events, make and take events, and much more. It is in our DNA to help the next generation of artists to grow in their skill set. We even have art competitions for kids – The Art Smart Challenge.

Art Competition For Kids

Our Competition, the Art Smart Challenge  is different from other competitions in that it allows all age groups to compete. Kids versus adults versus seniors. There is prize money of $500, prizes of up to $2500, the winning piece is turned into an authentic stained glass and then the piece is enshrined and displayed at Tulsa River Parks at 18th and Riverside. So there is a lot on the line.

2016 Deadline, Cost, Details

Our deadline for the 2016 competition has been extended for kids. We are accepting art pieces up to January 31, 2017 for the 2016 competition. The cost is $5 per entry piece. In the month of December if you bring your art pieces to us at our 41st and Sheridan location, we will enter as many pieces as you bring for free! That is right. In the month of December we will waive your entry fee and you can bulk enter your pieces, if you bring them to us. If you need more information or details visit us on the web or call us (918) 664-8604