Field Trips
Art Glass Experience

Tulsa Stained Glass & Art Play Center presents the Art Glass Experience, an ART FUN STOP! Guests receive a unique educational tour, watch demonstrations and do activities while in the settings of Tulsa Stained Glass Studio and Museum.

A variety of DIY activities are available such as stained glass design, mosaics, and more.

Demonstrations include how glass is made and cut, how designs are created and stained glass is constructed. Everyone has fun and gets to take home a project.

Workshops lasts from one to three hours depending on activities selected.Call today to schedule your customized field trip. Home-bound campers can create pictures for the art contest found at www.artsmartchallenge.com.

Ages: 5 & Up (with adult supervision)
Dates: Tuesday-Saturday
Times: 10a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

Reserve your date today by calling 918-664-8604. Find out why our fun and unique field trip events are the most unique and best educational values in Tulsa.


Wedding Showers

Pottery Painting Showers are easy to do plus the bride receives gifts that last a lifetime. We make having a party for any occasion easy to do and a guaranteed success.   The bride can choose colors or designs ahead of time so gifts are all color coordinated!   We’ll provide the pottery pieces and space, you bring the food, refreshments and guests

We’ll even provide clean up!

Event Meetings
Have your meeting and get to know each other while making art projects. It’s fun, easy and takes as little as 90 minutes to build team spirit and learn new creative approaches to problem solving. Call today to discuss your needs and let us customize an event for you!