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Workshop Schedule

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February 29 - Stained Glass Expressions Workshop (GEW)

  Stained Glass Expressions Workshop – Saturday, 2/29/20, 1pm-4pm


MARCH 2020

March 7 - Creative Art Retreat (CEUs Available)

Creative Art Retreat, Saturday, 3/7/20, 10am-5pm


March 10 - Ladies' Night Out Glass Expressions Workshop (GEW)

  Ladies’ Night Out Glass Expressions Workshop – Tuesday, 3/10/20, 7pm-10pm


March 19 - Beginner Stained Glass 8-Week Class

  Beginner Stained Glass 8-Week Class – Thursdays, 3/19-5/7, 7-9:30 pm


March 21 - Ring Things (GEW)

Ring Things, Saturday, 3/21/20, 1pm-4pm


March 25 - Wacky Wednesday Stained Glass (GEW)

  Wacky Wednesday Stained Glass Workshop – Wednesay, 3/25/20, 1-4pm


March 27 - Date Night Glass Expressions Workshop (GEW)

  Date Night Glass Expressions Workshop – Friday, 3/27/20, 7pm-10pm


March 28 - Stained Glass Expressions Workshop (GEW)

  Stained Glass Expressions Workshop – Saturday, 3/28/20, 1pm-4pm


APRIL 2020

April 18 - Ring Things (GEW)

Ring Things, Saturday, 4/18/20, 1pm-4pm


Art Meets Reality TV

Be a part of our pop-up reality TV-style experience! Select workshops & classes will feature our “Art Glass Challenge” which invites 2 students to participate in a friendly competition as they craft their pieces. Elect to be on camera and potentially be in the show! If want to be considered for the featured contestant role after you purchase your class, let us know at Don’t forget to include your name and class date!

Glass Expressions Workshops (GEW)

Inspired by nature or your imagination, these 3-hour workshops channel your creativity into themed or abstract projects. Learn glass selection, rough cutting, soldering & assembly, and adding finishing touches. Plus learn about the stained glass design & construction process. Whether you’re into flowers, birds, sailing, sprites, or abstract art, we’ll help you find a way to express your inner spirit through glass. Multiple options are available; see workshop descriptions for details.

DoodleBohmBa Creative Art Retreats

We formulated these retreat-style workshops to support wellness, self-care, and healing through creative expression, guided discussion, and a variety of spirit-soothing activities such as relaxation techniques and therapeutic art. Examples of art activities include mosaics, stained glass sculptures, mixed media, jewelry, collage, painting, and doodling. Each retreat workshop offers 5 CEUs for licensed therapists and counselors too, an incredible value for behavioral health professionals!

The DoodleBohmBa Professional Workshop “was a meaningful experience.  Highly recommend to anyone looking for a way to express themselves!  As a Licensed Therapist, this is what just might be missing from my tool box!  Thank you, Richard!”

Shantana Allen, LPC


My husband and I really enjoyed the Rings Things class we took this afternoon. We will definitely keep you guys in mind as a great place to come and get creative together. I plan to tell our family and friends that they should come and give the class a try as well. Thanks for providing a place like this in Tulsa! (This was a 2nd anniversary gift.)
Luci and Tyler H.


LOVED the class and the DoodleBohmBa Book. Who would have thought how freeing finger painting would be? I was a kid again! No mistakes only beautiful art work. I do not have to be Leonardo DaVinci to make something pleasing to the most important person – ME! With that very first class, the rusty lock on my creativity broke open. I was able to do simple line sketches after that very first class. Simple line work sketches can lead to the creation of beautiful things. I hadn’t sketched since high school. I stopped because they weren’t perfect. But who needs perfect? I don’t anymore. Get it close, let it flow and stop when you want.

I can see art now. I view with excitement what I am going to make. I know it won’t be perfect. It will never be perfect but it will have a story. A story that I made all on my own. I know what glass I want to select for the next window; same pattern, different glass is a whole new meaning. A square foot of glass which has beauty on its own will have a different story when paired, cut and placed with other beautiful glass.

I love the sound of cutting the glass, working to feel the cutter in the glass and along the pattern. Knowing I will get better the more I do. It has enough engineering and details to appeal to me but so much art to find emotion and joy! I get to make my own puzzles and put them together and then make them stay together forever.

Cheryl B. – Beginner Class

Online Video Instruction

Can’t come to Tulsa for our Beginner Stained Glass Class?  Check out our video instruction. Try just one or two videos to refresh your skills in glass cutting or soldering, OR work your way through the whole series and learn to build a stained glass window at home!

Details HERE!

Professional/CEU Workshops

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