Team Outings

Tired of the same team outings doing bowling or ropes courses?  Give your group a creative outlet while learning new fun skills at The Tulsa Stained Glass Co.!

Each person is challenged to overcome fears as we encourage their confidence with glass cutting, soldering, and design.  Individuals foster their team-building cooperation through decision-making and interpretation of abstract concepts.  And everyone gets to take home his or her priceless, one-of-a-kind creation!

As an option, consider our other team building activity program, DoodleBohmBa, as it takes your group into a surprise journey of creative expression with designing a stained glass window on canvas.  When a painting is created spontaneously with or without objectives, philosophic lessons are extracted while design is used to teach real world solutions.  Under the skillful leadership of founder and program developer Richard Bohm, teams are given the opportunity to tell their story as to how lines, shapes and colors relate to the mission in a fun game of “creating art from chaos”. The result is a work of art, painted on a canvas looking amazingly like a stained glass window design.

The Tulsa Stained Glass Co. supports the embodiment of your organization’s mission statement through the exceptional world of art glass.  No other gathering offers such a therapeutic outlet of expression.  Book today for an unprecedented experience that your group will be talking about for years to come!