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Welcome to our school at Tulsa Stained Glass Company. We are happy to share our knowledge and experiences gained since our beginning in 1975. Here, students learn the centuries old techniques and history of authentic stained glass, while becoming familiar with the modern supplies and equipment of today's crafter. The principles of craftsmanship along with technique are taught at the school, while the adjoining showroom carries a full range of tools, supplies and patterns to help crafters create their decorative stained glass pieces.

General Class Information:

1. Class Dates, Times and Prices: See our Calendar of Events
2. Class Types: Stained Glass for Beginners, the Art Glass Experience and Specialty Classes
    a. specialty classes on: Lampwork bead making, fusing, sandblast etching and more.
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4. All classes are filled on a first come basis and require pre-enrollment by payment of tuition.
5. Tuition cost includes the use of tools and project materials unless otherwise specified.
6. Payment Accepted by: Visa, Mastercard, check or cash
7. Classes are held at the Studio of Tulsa Stained Glass, 7976 East 41 @ Memorial, Tulsa (map)
8. Rescheduling: Up to 48 hour notice is required for rescheduling before the class
9. Visitors: Classes are for paid students only, no visitors please.
10. Please visit for more information on our classes!

Call 918-664-8604 to enroll

THREE HOUR Art Rings Class
Click here to view an introductory video on our Art Rings Class. Click here to enroll in our Art Rings Class

The Art Glass Experience offered by Tulsa Stained Glass is designed to entertain, inspire and educate. It is a series of activities and interactive demonstrations focused on the creative process of making stained glass windows. Click for more info.

EIGHT WEEK Stained Glass Classes for Beginners

This class is the basics of the stained glass craft, taught by seasoned professionals. By taking this class, you will be able to make stained glass for your home, as gifts or find a new vocation.

Class are EIGHT consecutive Thursday evenings from 7 to 9:30pm, Taught 4 times a year. Click for more info.

WEEKEND Stained Glass Workshop for Beginners

This fast paced workshop is a crash course in "How to Build a Stained Glass Windows". It is for people on the go who don't have time for our traditional 8 week class. Click for more info.

Testimonial from one of our past students, Mindy Hendrix.

"I have always been intrigued by glass and stones, and I'm hoping to incorporate transparent stones to complete some ideas I have in my mind," she said. "Now that I've completed a course at Tulsa Stained Glass, one night a week for eight weeks, I feel I was given enough instruction to do almost any stained glass project I would ever want to create."
Read more from the article about Mindy Hendrix, one of our past students, in the Tahlequah Daily Press

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